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Found 5 results

  1. From what it looks like, there is currently no Project Zomboid topic thread, so I have posted my current questions here, thanks for reading! Since Project Zomboid is crucially tied to the progression of days, does the dedicated server enter some sort of rest state when there are no active players? Furthermore, if I wanted to perform a soft reset on the world, how may I do this? Does restarting the server through Survival Servers' built in server-restart clear saved buildings, storage, etc.? In other words, I would like the ability to restart the server to cleanse possible glitches, but I wouldn't want to undo everyone's progress towards building shelters, fixing vehicles and the like. Otherwise, I currently have the server hosted and kitted out with mods, it's running great! Thanks!
  2. got myself opd and i can use commands and everything however, i dont know any commands specified such as dropping the number of items. also the other players in my server cannot use some chest and access some of the areas. only i can. Is there a way to let them have free roam in that chunk or entire area ? also how do i ad mods to the server
  3. I purchased a new server about 40min ago (7:45PM CST). It shows as Active on the Order page but does not have a Game ID and does not show up in the Game Servers heading on the Control Panel. I assumed I fell into the 15min setup window. Just curious on how long it will actually take. And I have opened a ticket as well.
  4. I purchased an ARK server about an hour ago and it finished the "new" setup, however when I press start i get a "please wait" message then the screen refreshes and the status of the server is still stopped. Any Ideas?????
  5. http://gyazo.com/bc88c3e4d5638054da7deca39e059316 So yeah my server still just says stopped even when I try to run it or when I do any of the steps Ryan provided. Ryan if you're out there, I think there's quite a few of us with this problem and you never really specified what to do if we have this problem... So yeah please help, I mean... there is literally 0 point of me doing the pre-order since seems some random people who bought the server get it before me, hope you can somehow prioritize those who pre-ordered.