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  1. I bought a server from survivalservers.com but its still pending.. what should i do? @Admin @RyanPennington
  2. Sorry im new to running a server i need some help figuring out how to add skins to my server and how to set custom gather rates
  3. Hello All, I am new here and I want to learn rust programming and looking for an online latest tutorial. Can anyone help me to find out the best one for tutorial for beginner point?
  4. new server of rust legacy net.connect jssyrustgamers.ddns.net:28015 In this server you will see pvp, arena,warps,ranges as vip or youtuber and kits and much more
  5. Just started a fresh rust legacy server running with rustbuster and modded with magma. Anyone can join just have to download the client at https://fougerite.com/resources/rustbuster-client.198/. Once installed connect with There is no decay and i will not be wiping.
  6. I just got a rust server and i am trying to make it public, how do i do that and add descriptions/picture anything a public server needs. I am trying to get more people to get on but it would make it easier if you wouldnt have to copy and paste the ip over and over.
  7. Game ID 79726 server suspended but payed for Sept 25th are you guys even here or are you off somewhere counting your money!! need my server back up Its Payed for Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you will give me Credit for the time its down... and I am not going to fill out a ticket for a server I payed in plenty of time. Survival Servers Invoice #335689
  8. Hello i can't restart or start the server the button doesn't work can some one help me I hope for a response. thank you in advance Greetings lenny
  9. Brand new server! ALPHA MAIN SERVER, No groups bigger then 4!, SERVER WIPE -4/4/19- BP WIPE -4/4/19- Discord! https://discord.gg/7jpY5wT https://rust-servers.net/server/149086/
  10. JUST WIPED 01/03 TechTrash.co 5x is a new server, which focuses on increasing player interaction with various rust events, puzzles and monuments. Or search in Rust's moded servers tab - techtrash.co Wipe schedule is every Friday. Website: https://TechTrash.co ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Settings Gather rate is 5x Teleportation - Stadart teleportation Loot++ - 5x loot custom loot tables for bradley, helicopter and airdrop. Underwater crates have nice loot too. Shop - Use server reward points to buy non pvp stuff Rewards - Earn coins for playing and voting. Instant crafting - with Bulk craft Kits - For easy start at server or rebuilding after raid Gunroll - For random gun with ammo And more!! Come and have look.
  11. Okay, so I could really use some help. For the passed few days I've been working on a Rust server for me and a few friends, although I haven't even been able to get to the portforward stage... I've created a working .bat file (whether or not the settings/parameters are being read correctly is another story..), code down below; echo off :start RustDedicated.exe -batchmode + D:\SteamCMD\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir +D:\SteamCMD\rust +app_update 258550 +cfg cfg\server.cfg +server.ip +server.port 28015 +rcon.ip +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password "(changed for security purposes " +rcon.web 1 +server.identity "server" +server.saveinterval "600" +server.tickrate 20 +server.seed 55 +server.worldsize 4000 +server.maxplayers 15 +server.hostname "Pleeblia" +server.description"*Can you survive the end of civilization?\n*Or will you fall like a coward and let this world Eat you.\n*Discover new weapon and armour Blueprints along your travels to aid your Adventure ...\n*Or have them taken by someone else" -logfile gamelog.txt -load -quit The internal save rate, the tickrate, the worldsize - all that jazz is working normally - however I can't seem to save any of the RCON commands I use in the cmdprompt or the RustConsole itself (e.i. Bradley.enabled 0, ai.think 0 etc, etc). Are these commands to be defined in server.cfg? or the batch file created before running the dedi-console itself? ** I've managed to get Oxide working/running with the server The server name is always stuck on Amsterdam II, and the description is stuck with some sort of loop bug repeating a brief summary of what you'd put in the description. If anybody has any idea what might be wrong, please get back to me ASAP! P.S, have a feeling as though my /cfg files aren't setup correctly.. as every time I've entered RCON commands & tried to server.writecfg, nothing saves after restarting the server.
  12. Hello survivalservers community, I am currently looking for an experienced technician that shares the same desire as I do, to come up with a new community that could top the existing servers! My aim is to create up to 3 different servers (different rates, x10, x5, x2) and to motivate the eventual players to actually stick on the servers after each wipe. Long-time term partnership wanted! If you wish to participate in the making of this community, please comment below or hit my inbox! Sincerely, oRe.
  13. I just purchased a rust server so me and my friends have a place to play on. I'm currently using RustAdmin to admin my server and i learned how to add plugins into the ftp root port. When i log into the actual game and into my server it says im the amin/owner and some of the basic plugins are already working (i.e. NTeleportation, DeathNotes, InfoPanel,.) I want to make my server a 5x server and i read that i needed to use the LootConfig plugin, but for the life of me i don't know how to edit the .cs file and save it to do what i want it to do. There are more plugins that require editing them such as fancydrop, gathermanager, and kits and i don't know what to do. Please help?
  14. So I've got my Rust server running fine with the plugins I need etc, but I noticed if I launch SS Panel and restart my server I lose the description, image and URL - so via RCON I simply did the commands again to set the description, image, URL and then save config, read config, but again if I restart they disappear, is there somewhere I can set these via FTP instead so they stay saved and load again on restart? Many thanks to all and any replies!
  15. Just started a server here at survialservers.com but for some reason I can't find the proper information how to get the server.headerimage up and running. Any working suggestion would be welcome. I tried all the other things on the internet already
  16. Im new in server config but apparently Oxide is not running on my server (in control panel the option "mod" is "oxide"), what i have to do? Pls help me
  17. I rent a server form survivalservers.com, not i want to mod this server but all the video online show they put oxide in to their server file, but i dont have any server file. idk if there are anyways for me to get it or there is another way to do it. plz help thank you
  18. Hi, I just brought a server, and i have zero Knowledge on running it. I want learn some basics like changing server name, modding...etc. Is there any way I find guide for such a thing? Thanks in advance
  19. Hello. I have a Rust server which is being hosted by www.survivalservers.com. My problem is that I can't make any mod working. That's what I am doing: turning off the server, locating server/experimental/oxide/plugins and put there the plugin that I chose. In my case it's EasyAirdrop.cs. If I'm correct, config file in server/experimental/oxide should be created, but it doesn't. What could be the problem? Is oxide being updated every time automatically or do I have to always do it manually through ftp? Is there any way I could check console for logs or something, where I could see which mods are installed or which one's aren't? Thanks !
  20. Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway to get the new Barren map (helps server performance) on my server? I have seen alot of communities switch to help on big modded servers (which is what I have). When I go to the drop down menu of my control panel where it says "branch/map" I see all of the other maps but not the Barren one. If I have missed it or just being dumb please tell me c: . Thanks in advance, Nick
  21. How do it get my server to show up on the rust server list? My server is experimental
  22. Hey guys, I've tried searching for an answer for an hour or so but can't come up with anything, so here we are. I've just purchased a Rust server and I am trying to install the XPManager plugin to turn my server into a Vanilla x3 XP server. However when I place the plugin file into my "Server>Experimental>Oxide>Plugins" folder it doesn't go onto the server, nor does it create a config file in the "Server>Experimental>Oxide>Config" folder as it should, so I can tweak the XP rates. I saw somewhere about needing Oxide 2? But can't see that on my server control panel anywhere, just "Oxide". I have submitted a ticket but wondered if there is anyone who has had this issue or simply knows how to get around it. Thanks.
  23. so when a player kill a boar and they skin it using a hatchet, once only 3% of the animal is left they can keep hitting it witch hatchet and it doesn't disappear, but the only item they get at 3% is pork and exp need fix ASAP as players are abusing it I think
  24. Hello. As far as I know to delete blueprints, player data and so on you must delete every .db in server/experimental. In order to delete buildings and so on you have to delete everything in server/experimental/save. Yet I'm not doing full wipe means I'm leaving .db files so I need to delete everything in server/experimental/save only. That's where the problem is. My server/experimental/save is empty even though I am sure that there are lots of buildings in my game. Few months ago there were folders, but now they do not appear. Any help would be useful. Thanks !
  25. Hey guys, Do I actually have to download the new rust files to my personal machine and then ftp them into the server? Ew... Because I think that SteamCMD supports remote FTP with the Force_Install_Dir ftp://MotokoRoxMySox:[email protected] I get a valid connection attempt rejection in the prompt.