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  1. Hello. Thank You for Your answers. Sorry for responding a bit late. Yeah possibly my oxide is outdated, because I never did as you said (unchecking oxide submit changes and restart the server then pick oxide from the dropdown and submit and restart server to get oxide to update to the latest version). Gonna check that out. Is there any better way viewing server logs than just with notepad haha? Thanks.
  2. Hello. I have a Rust server which is being hosted by www.survivalservers.com. My problem is that I can't make any mod working. That's what I am doing: turning off the server, locating server/experimental/oxide/plugins and put there the plugin that I chose. In my case it's EasyAirdrop.cs. If I'm correct, config file in server/experimental/oxide should be created, but it doesn't. What could be the problem? Is oxide being updated every time automatically or do I have to always do it manually through ftp? Is there any way I could check console for logs or something, where I could see which mods ar
  3. Hello. Today my server got suspended because I didn't pay in time. It was always paid up automatically, but this time there was no money in my card. Now there is, but the question is how do I pay? Never paid manually. Thanks.
  4. oh so those are like proceduralmap.400.836429099.132.sav? arent those supposed to be in server/experimental/save? coz I have those in server/experimental (earlier those were in server/experimenlat/save but now they're not)
  5. Hello. As far as I know to delete blueprints, player data and so on you must delete every .db in server/experimental. In order to delete buildings and so on you have to delete everything in server/experimental/save. Yet I'm not doing full wipe means I'm leaving .db files so I need to delete everything in server/experimental/save only. That's where the problem is. My server/experimental/save is empty even though I am sure that there are lots of buildings in my game. Few months ago there were folders, but now they do not appear. Any help would be useful. Thanks !
  6. Alrighty. That's the answer I needed. Was just getting some errors and it confused me haha. Well anyways, Thank You
  7. Hello. There are some .db files in the server. I was wondering if I can open them like from AdminPanel, modificate them or something (like Mysqli databases where you have to connect to them) If so then how? I am developing my website and displaying all that data from .db file would be very usefull and easy to use for me. Thanks
  8. Thank You. I am aware of that. Yet don't want to do blueprints wipe so I'm leaving those .db. It is just really strange that map generated completely different. Maybe i miss clicked something before or so. Hope this won't happen again.
  9. Yes it does match now. I took that first screenshot from www.playrust.io just when I started the server (so yeah before the update). Should there be more folders in /server/experimental/save/ ? If im correct that's the place for the save of my map. (when I do wipe i just delete those)
  10. Thank You for your response. Yes the seed is 836429099 and if I remember right, It always was 836429099. I never changed it. At first map looked like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ns4uqqthhcp4qua/servermap1.png?dl=0 and just after I updated the server: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9oa9rdotacousjj/servermap2.png?dl=0 It's a completely different map.
  11. Hello. There was an update for rust today, so I ran steamCMD which had to update my server. I bet it did. But now with the same seed the server generates a completely different map. Anyone can explain this?
  12. ok so it all fixed somehow by itself.
  13. Ok so i kinda figured it out. Need to buy an addon for 0.00. But when i do so, it all ok and redirects me to http://www.survivalservers.com/sspanel/user/payinvoiceaddons/. But the page isn't working. It says "The www.survivalservers.com page isn't working www.survivalservers.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500."
  14. Hello. Recently I bought Rust server from Survival Servers. I get to chose my host name, but it always adds "| SurvivalServers.com" at the end. I want to remove it. Any advice?