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Found 2 results

  1. Yall are kinda killing me with this man. I just wanted a server, the price was good. I liked your options for 6 months and player counts but I try and use the service and its down. Im not getting responses to my tickets and im getting really anxious about what I've gotten myself into here looking at the other posts on the forum. I can take this down if my issues are resolved. Cheers! tymera
  2. From what it looks like, there is currently no Project Zomboid topic thread, so I have posted my current questions here, thanks for reading! Since Project Zomboid is crucially tied to the progression of days, does the dedicated server enter some sort of rest state when there are no active players? Furthermore, if I wanted to perform a soft reset on the world, how may I do this? Does restarting the server through Survival Servers' built in server-restart clear saved buildings, storage, etc.? In other words, I would like the ability to restart the server to cleanse possible glitches, but I wouldn't want to undo everyone's progress towards building shelters, fixing vehicles and the like. Otherwise, I currently have the server hosted and kitted out with mods, it's running great! Thanks!