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Found 17 results

  1. hi i tried adding serverconfig.xml to saves folder but it didn't work after shutting down a serverconfig.xml appeared in root/ however when i copied and pasted the serverconfig.xml file to root/ the server is now refusing to startup
  2. Anyone able to hit me up with a how to guide or talk me through things/guide me through set ups for my server? I'm developing a new ark server and would love some help. Message me on discord BariosFae#0001 if you are able to help me out. Thanks a mill.
  3. Anyone looking for a new server to be number 1 - head to our modded server! ..A Boosted AF Server with Sprinkles LitFam.. Just wiped - ready for the next top dogs!! Admin events, player bounty’s, boosted loot and more! Please we need friends
  4. I purchased a new server about 40min ago (7:45PM CST). It shows as Active on the Order page but does not have a Game ID and does not show up in the Game Servers heading on the Control Panel. I assumed I fell into the 15min setup window. Just curious on how long it will actually take. And I have opened a ticket as well.
  5. Hi there, We have a new Citadel Server. And are looking for new players. To find the Server, you must set the region to "all" and enter "Citadel Server" in the search bar. The server Name is: Citadel Server PVE/PVP. If you have any questions, write me on Xbox One GT: A51 SYNDICATE
  6. I am writing this post in hopes of getting a few people on our server(my buddy and I). It is called Pitfall 24/7 PvP Starterpack. It is boosted but not alot. Starterpacks include one animal tame, one high quality melee weapon and one set of hide armor. Most areas are open to build. The Castle is open and Lighthouse is open. 40 slots total and I have 3 people currently. I am looking to start events, but I can't if there isn't anyone around. I would also like to get some Arena battles started. Ps4 and Ragnarok map currently. if anyone is interested come online and find us we would be happy to help. PSN: SuperG434
  7. Welcome to the Steakhouse! Fresh server as of 12/5. Feel free to make this your groups home. Keep it mature and friendly. Active admin playing, admin logging enabled for transparency. Aside from the changes listed in the subject, most other things are as as close to official settings as possible. See below for settings, and feel free to ask any questions. 2x XP 3x Harvest 3x Tame 3x Breeding (Mating/Hatching/Maturing) (1x Nurturing) .5 Stamina Drain .5 Food Drain .5 Water Drain Let me know if you have any recommendations, or if any of the values need tweaking. It's a 40 person server, hosted in a New York. So feel free to bring your tribe along. Thanks all and see you on the Ark!
  8. 9/23 VelocityGaming.org NoLAG/NoWipe/15T/10Xp/5xG/S+clasfly WE HAVE OUR OWN WEBSITE (in the title) We built this Server originally probably for the same reason you are here looking for a new one. We wanted a server that: Had 24/7 uptime An admin that was mature and wanted fairness and didn't spawn in stuff and raid unfairly Good ping Fast rates for people with a real life aka families,jobs Fair play PvP Non abusive gameplay Great active pvp 100% uptime One year paid for server, you never have to worry about your home dissapearing.. we will be here for a long time. A good community .... and as you can imagine it's a lot to ask for a Ark:Survival Evolved server. We here at VelocityGaming are going to bring that experience alive. Jump in, chat with us on discord and join all the action. Thanks for choosing us as your home! Here is your Direct server ip: !CURRENT RUNNING MODS! RAWR Beacons (levels in F1 info)-- 557147187 Bitou2k's Binocular(better than super spyglass, doubles as gps and compass) -- 1136125765 Editable Server UI (Press F1 ingame to view detailed server info and rules) -- 924619115 Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator -- 554678442 Death Helper -- 566885854 Pet Finder -- 566887000 Meat Spoiler -- 569786012 ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection (3x stronger structures when offline, not invincible) Charcoal Baker -- 622608522 Bulk Crafters -- 633831197 Reusable Plus -- 693416678 Kibble Table -- 774762563 Bore Water Kit -- 730794403 Structures Plus -- 731604991 Echos Stacking Storage v2.2.3 -- Ultra Stacks -- 761535755 Classic Flyers -- 895711211 Ammo Pools (Fixed!) -- 925789347
  9. Hey guys, So I'm able to get into the game, connect to official servers as well as other private servers; but I can't get into my private server. Thoughts?
  10. I just started my server from this hosting site, running on the Ragnarok Map with 3 mods. (Structures+,The Liopluerodon's big brother and Classic Flyers) The map and mods work just fine, but each time i log out i lose all progress i made. The old character is still in the world with my tamed creatures and items, but the game forces me to create a new one each time i log back in :C Never had this issue with a server before, so any help would be appreciated.
  11. New server started this week, currently have 7/30 players Netherworld: 3xXP - 5xHarvest - Fast Craft 30 Player max (for now) PvP The only rules are no building (in/near) caves/spawns/Cities/Religious teachers and no griefing Disabled Avatars (for now) No admin abuse (witnessed by current players of server) Recently created so very open world once population expands the server will be upgraded Come play and have fun! We also have a discord that we will give out once you join the server. ~Dood ~ThePrinnyLord
  12. So I just bought a 10 slot server here and am wondering how long do I wait for info about it or gain access to it?
  13. I recently signed up for a server and received confirmation that it's ready to use. For some reason I am unable to connect to the server when I put in the IP Address and port number into Arma 2 OA>Multiplayer>Remote>. Not sure if there are any post steps that I should do on my end once you sign up for a new server. Thanks in advance.
  14. COME ONE COME ALL!! Come join us on our ARK Survival Evolved server! All are welcome, it is a 30x XP, 50x Harvest, 30x Taming, 50x Crop Speed, 60x Egg hatch speed, 80x Baby Mature speed. Level cap is currently 150 but will be increased as the server progresses. The Admins are very active in helping in anyway they can. We will be having weekly Events such as Giveaways!, Races!, and other Large world events like ALPHA Takeover!! The first 50 Members to join the server receive a FREE DINO. The Server is Privately Paid for powered by Survival Servers and Runs Great as long as the Pre-developed game allows it. So to help Maintain the server costs we allow In-game Donations for Certain Dino's, Materials, and or other items. THIS SERVER NEVER WIPES! I know many servers claim this and don’t follow through with it but we have people taking care in the balance of the server so such a thing isn't needed. To Join Please FRIEND OR MESSAGE ON STEAM GriffonRebron Thank You for your time and we hope to see you in our community.
  15. Hello Everyone! We've recently decided to start up a new, fresh, stable server. We are committed to seeing a stable community grow around TrueArk where people don't have to worry about Admin Abuse, the server going unpaid for months, or any of the miscellaneous and frustrating things that seem to accrue on many of the other Unofficial Servers. We've recruited stable Admins commited to scheduling weekly events and maintaining a consistent online presence to assist the playerbase. A few people have already agreed to join us and establish their home here but now we're coming to you to guys and inviting you to check us out, give us a chance to be your new and hopefully permanent ARK. We hope to see you guys around. First Method of connecting 1 - Right Click the Steam Icon on your Taskbar 2 - Select Servers 3 - Go to your Favorites Tab 4 - Click "Add a Server" 5 - Copy and paste the above Server IP into the pop up box ( 6 - Select Find Games At This Address, Add server to your favorites list. 7 - The server will be in your favorite tabs in the game now (might have to restart ARK) Second Method of connecting Follow this link to toparkservers https://toparkservers.com/server/ Click the IP address on the page to connect directly to the server. **What are the server's rates?** ⦁ Max Player Level = 94 ⦁ Max Wild Dino Level = 120 ⦁ 6x Taming ⦁ 4x Experience Gain ⦁ 4x Gathering Rate ⦁ 10x Incubation Speed (babies hatch faster) ⦁ 6x Maturation Speed (babies grow up faster) ⦁ Mating Cooldown reduced by 60% (parents can make babies more often) ⦁ Days last twice as long, Nights are half as long **What are the Misc Server Settings?** ⦁ Gamma Enabled ⦁ Crosshairs Disabled ⦁ Third Person Camera Enabled ⦁ No Gigas (this will be revisited upon the release of Titanosaur). **What Mods is the Server Running?** - Industrial Grinder - The Industrial Grinder is a super upgraded version of the Mortar And Pestle. You no longer need to slave away for days on end, just one of these bad boys can satisfy all your grinding needs! - Improved Balanced Stacks - - Stacks resources better and keeps inventory more organized! - Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2 - - You don't like ramps or you need stairs in your awesome building or rounded walls to your castle? Now you can build them. No more ramps! There aren't any current plans to add any other mods beyond these listed to help ensure server stability. We feel these mods fall into Quality of Life improvements that have a good chance of becoming a part of the standard game itself as the developers move past the Alpha stage into the Beta and Final Release stages. **What are the Server's Rules?** *PvP is allowed outside of bases any time. *Do not raid new tribes or people just starting out - It isn't a challenge for you, they wont have anything worth your time, and ultimately you might potentially drive away someone who might've made us their new home. If a tribe stays in wood to try to abuse this rule feel free to screenshot or document the length of time they have been hiding behind this rule and then proceed to raid them at your leisure, make sure you cover your ♥♥♥ if it becomes an Admin issue. *Passive Dino Killing is allowed - It's impossible for admins to know if a dino was actually passive or set to passive to bait an admin response. The game gives you ways to protect your Dinosaurs, make sure you use them. This doesn't mean the community won't retaliate against a tribe who refers to this rule when engaging in what the community percieves to be griefing, killing passive dinos for no strategic or tactical reasons might bring you unwanted attention and retaliation. *Offline Raiding is allowed - Again the game gives you ways to protect your base while you're offline, make use of them. *When you raid a base, you may not raid them again for 3 days time, this is to ensure that a tribe doesn't feel they have no way to rebuild and choose to leave for a different Ark. If you raid them again and they screenshot/fraps your attack this will be considered griefing. *Auto Turrets are allowed on Platforms *You may only build in underwater caves - No building in or blocking access to Artifact/Loot caves, no building of any kind to block resource node spawns. Avoid building on mountain tops or near caves, these type of structures may be destroyed at Admin discretion if they are found to be blocking either of the above *No Building in any of the Obelisk areas Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon!
  16. Hello and welcome to a new server! Hope you join soon! IP: Name: [EU]-ARKElicious-[PVP]-[40T]-[500xp]-[20xg] CrossHair - (v212.0) And nice admins!
  17. Hi I am new to this server host and am running into a small issue, When i try and play on the server or when eany one else does this shows up.