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  1. I am writing this post in hopes of getting a few people on our server(my buddy and I). It is called Pitfall 24/7 PvP Starterpack. It is boosted but not alot. Starterpacks include one animal tame, one high quality melee weapon and one set of hide armor. Most areas are open to build. The Castle is open and Lighthouse is open. 40 slots total and I have 3 people currently. I am looking to start events, but I can't if there isn't anyone around. I would also like to get some Arena battles started. Ps4 and Ragnarok map currently. if anyone is interested come online and find us we would be happy to help. PSN: SuperG434
  2. I am having problems...again. The server I rented won't STOP in order to apply value changes. I can't be the only one this is happening to. Unless I'm mistaken and I don't need to stop it to update value changes. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello People, I am having a problem with my admin code not working and also I am having issues with setting values for player stats and also any values for anything I want boosted. My friend rented the server and I am trying to help him get it setup. Nothing seems to be working the way we were hoping. I can't even stop the server to change anything. It just seems that there should be some sort of set up guide or tutorial. I don't understand what some of the values do, It would be nice if we had more detailed descriptions on each item that can be adjusted. I realize that I will be told to submit a ticket for my issues, but part of this is to rant a bit. I have spent several hours on this to find no changes on our server in game. I'm very frustrated and am about to tell my friend to get a refund. I love ARK and would really love to set this up to play, but alas I can not.