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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone able to hit me up with a how to guide or talk me through things/guide me through set ups for my server? I'm developing a new ark server and would love some help. Message me on discord BariosFae#0001 if you are able to help me out. Thanks a mill.
  2. I am moving my world from another server to SS. I tried Local Save Upload but it doesn't work. I have FTP access but I don't know where to paste them. Please help me.
  3. Anyone having this problem ? I want to order a server but cannot pick singapore as its location . Help
  4. ive put in some mod links to my ark server i have just purchased, did a little stuff in settings and it took like an hour or more to "load" them in, talking about when i clicked save settings and restart. i tried to start the server but it didnt seem to work, so i tried updating the server and now it says i have to wait, i dont want to wait another hour if i dont have to, pls help Edit: took a very long time, but having a new problem, the server says its started but its not responding. it was working earlier, but after changing some of the server settings, seems like its not working?!?
  5. i have just created a server for arma 2 dayz vanilla and whenever i join it i either get stuck at waiting for host or get stuck and authentication. please help if you have a solution. thank you.