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Found 1 result

  1. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Custom Kill Messages by 0verHeaT __________________________________________________________________________________________________ All Credit goes to 0verHeaT. I am just re-posting and simplifying things for "OUR" community. Step 1. Download your Server & Mission pbo from the Survival Servers panel In your ServerPBO: Go to the folder "compile" and look for server_playerDied.sqf and the fnc_plyrHit.sqf and replace them with the files provided in the attachment. (REMEMBER ALWAYS ALWAYS SAVE A COPY OF WHAT YOU ARE MODDING) Step 2. In your Mission pbo Go to the init.sqf in your root directory and look for this line if (!isDedicated) then { ///Add this directly below it/// execVM ""+yourfolderpath+\kill_msg.sqf"; "yourfolderpath" means to put it in any folder you want if you create one, name it that in between the quotes but leave the other quotes and both the + Copy the kill_msg.sqf file in whatever folder you are naming or using. Example: ENLARGED EXAMPLE OF THE ABOVE SO YOU CAN SEE THE QUOTES: DONE! PACK EVERYTHING AND UPLOAD! BELOW SECTION IS IF YOU WANT A MURDER MENU IN TRADER CITY If you want the murder boards to work properly in the Trader Zones, you have to use 0verHeaT player_murderMenu.sqf Step 1. Go to your custom compiles file. Typically labelled, custom. Then inside should be compiles.sqf Paste this into your compiles.sqf call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers ""+yourfolderpath+"\player_murderMenu.sqf"; Make sure to change yourfolderpath to your actual placement of the folder. see my example above. DONE! CUSTOM COMPILES If you are using Survival Servers Overpoch or Overpoch Origins, the Compiles (which is dound in DAYZ_CODE|INIT is already setup for you it will look like so: However. There is another you must use regardless of EPOCH or OVEROCH. I am attaching to this post. But. You can find yours easily. I use both because it's easier to organize certain mods like Snapbuild or Slowzeds. Go to your game directory (mine is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead) Go to the DayZ_Epoch folder and open your addons folder you see. Look for dayz_code.pbo and copy and paste it onto your desktop so you can work on it quickly (please do not remove it by dragging and dropping) Extract your dayz_code.pbo like any other pbo. Open the folder that was just extracted and go to the init folder and copy and paste compiles into your current mission pbo from survival servers you downloaded (if you did not, do so now) I made a folder called custom, and that is where i put the compiles.sqf (it is a common thing with mods) Next go to your init.sqf in your mission pbo and look for call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; ///Personally i replace with the following, some people just add below this/// call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\compiles.sqf"; //I replace mine so it reduces the amount of reading mission file. you can also do the following so you don't have to worry about either. //call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\custom\compiles.sqf"; by adding the "//" in front, it is basically saying don't look at this it's just notes. I use this throughout my modding so I can easily find things later when there is an issue or i no longer want the mod. CTRL+F in any file will let you search for words There you have it, you now have a compiles.sqf that you can use. You can put any "compiles.sqf" mod define calls here under sections that have the if (!isDedicated) then { Avoid putting anything below initialized = true; in your compiles.sqf. Keep everything Above it unless there is a very specific mod. CustomKillMsg-master.zip compiles.zip