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Found 1 result

  1. What's a Cluster and how does it work? The Cluster addon is a way for you to take a single game server and launch two game servers at the same time from the same directory. The only difference would be a slightly adjusted server hostname and +10 for each of the ports. You can join them separately at any time and transfer between the two worlds as well. Any of our drop down maps/expansions are worlds that you can choose from to set for both the parent game server and the Cluster. If you already have a game server with us, simply visit the Addons page, select the game server ID that is associated with the game server you wish to create a Cluster off of and then pay for the Cluster one time prorated cost. The cost of a Cluster is the same exact cost of your parent server. So if you have a 10 slot monthly server it would be $14.00 /mo doubled = $28.00 /mo total for both your parent game server + Cluster addon. It's currently not possible to convert an existing game server to a Cluster. What happens if I have a second game server that I want to convert to a Cluster? We can cater to this request by manually getting you set up on a parent game server. Agree to terminate old server and be invoiced for any difference. We will take in mind how long your secondary game server has left in it's current cycle and apply that to the prorated Cluster addon cost. If the prorated amount of the secondary server is greater than the Cluster addon cost, no invoice will be issued. Simply create a support ticket saying you agree, provide us the primary game server ID and the secondary game server ID you wish to terminate. Wait for customer to finish payment (if necessary) and confirm termination of secondary server. Our staff will manually adjust your parent server to addon the Cluster Our staff will migrate data from the secondary server to the Cluster and set the Cluster world to the secondary server world Our staff will then terminate your secondary server and adjust recurring billing for the primary with Cluster addon How do I configure my Cluster? We're working on adding more options to customize your cluster game server. For now, all of the game settings/configuration is coming from the parent game server. It will be possible to change custom launch parameters for your Cluster. It's a new feature so bare with us while we make it better in the coming days. When will it be possible to remotely Cluster with different IPs or directories? We've already contacted the developers about this but have not received any official word back from them. If they do add this capability, we will add an option for separate game servers to join the same Cluster with a similar cost and ability to transfer from the local Cluster method to the new remote method. That way you pay for the resources you use and don't get stuck into any billing commitment and can enjoy the flexibility of the new method. Can I add more than a single Cluster? We do not have any plans to add more than a single cluster addon server. Known Bugs / Issues Password protected servers does nothing after clicking "Join w/ Survivor" - the transfer is made but you have to exit out of your game client and then log in to the Cluster game server. To find your Cluster game server join address, click the Info Box next to Cluster Server control panel option. After joining the new Cluster, select Download Character Data and your character should be there on the Cluster game server.