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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I was wondering how to enable cheats or spawn codes on my server i cant seam to find anything about this in the forums will look at any help . thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, we are from The BrotherHood and we wish to invite you to our Ark Server. We wish to make a server cluster both play-able by PVP and PVE players. For now we only have one map: Ragnarok. We are also working on adding Crystal Isles. We are still experimenting on the proper Rates but we believe we are on a Good and Decent rates. Come and visit us in our discord for further information. https://discord.gg/HAMT2pC7gX Any suggestions are welcome and give us a try, take a look at our rules and I hope you will find it interesting and will join us. With your support, we will be able to continue playing the game we love, in a friendly Server. We Have: Maps: Ragnarok (Online), Crystal Ilses (Working on it) Friendly Admins PVP Action for PVP Players PVE Zone for PVE Players We are also looking for Mods and Admins, We are new to this and often are confused about new clinks, experienced Mods and Admin. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you enjoy the server.
  3. Hello everyone , My Friends and I are playing on an ARK unoffficial PVP server on PC. Some of us are playing through Steam, others through Epic. Since Epic doesn't support any mod at the moment, how can I manually : Change the Item stack size limit, to make it higher than the default setting ? Allow players to respec their character at anytime in the game ? I didn't find any option related to it in the control panel, and the various informations I found on the web doesn't help me to know how and where to implement those changes. I am sorry if this was already treated in a previous topic, but I didn't find any on the forum. Anyone having a solution to propose, or a link to provide ? Thanks for your support ----------- [ UPDATE ] ----------- I found this link on reddit, with possible manual commands to inject in the server to solve the stack size question : However, I dont know where I should inject those lines : Server settings GameUserSettings.ini GameUserSettings.ini Game.ini Also, Shall I do it from the Web Control Panel, or something else like ARKON or FTP ? I think this may also could be a good thing to add these features in your web control panel in the future. I mean, until Mods are implemented on Epic. I'll keep it updated if i find a solution.
  4. Hello, Created a server and happily playing with my pals but I'm wondering if I change the server settings now will it reset the world. Tx all.
  5. ive put in some mod links to my ark server i have just purchased, did a little stuff in settings and it took like an hour or more to "load" them in, talking about when i clicked save settings and restart. i tried to start the server but it didnt seem to work, so i tried updating the server and now it says i have to wait, i dont want to wait another hour if i dont have to, pls help Edit: took a very long time, but having a new problem, the server says its started but its not responding. it was working earlier, but after changing some of the server settings, seems like its not working?!?
  6. Arkception is pvp,pve,cluster,boosted taming mature and hatching speeded up free wyvern lvl 375 chitin armor rifle with trank darts starter. Monthly events. Maps are extinction,valugaro, ragnarok, and genisis and crystal isles. Discord is on server message. Discord is https://discord.gg/58Y7Jg3h come and have some fun!!!
  7. Both my servers are refusing to update from ARK Version 541.5 to ARK Version 542.1 I have been waiting over 1 hour and 20 minutes and the servers are still down. This is unbelievable I'm loosing players and server donations, the players are leaving my servers and discord channel for other servers because they are up and running without any issues. To be honest things like this are a big letdown as I did not expect to have issues like this with your guys as host. I left nitrado.net because I think they are a little overpriced but I never had any issues like this over there. Since I joined you guys and rented 2 servers and paid for them to run an entire year I have been experiencing huge lag spikes (Still going on), Server Rollbacks (which you luck ally fixed) no option to ban people from a Web-Interface I'm forced to login to the game, which is difficult at times as I'm not always in the same place as where my PlayStation is located. and now this servers that WON'T UPDATE I mean what else can go wrong? In all honesty I'm kinda feeling like you guys just don't care and I'm feeling that I should have never rented servers here. `You can say oh the have you tried using Default .INI files but that is not the issue, the .INI files are working perfectly fine` It's 5AM for me, I'm done waiting I'm off to bed. This really sucks guys it really does. - Michael GAME SERVER ID #96502 GAME SERVER ID #96503
  8. How do you update the ark server mines .1 I think it needs to be .2
  9. we have x3 XP 3x Gather and actually 4x tame, the max lvl cap is 100 along with the dinos however that more then likely will be raised depending on a few things. (devs ading stuff mod updates or new mods if you guys want it to be raised ect.) the server has standard PVE on the weekdays with PVP weekends kicking on at 11:59 PM EST on Friday nights to the same time Sunday with random events scattered around the world during the week. some of which include fixed base raids and dino bounty hunts! (for more information about these events find me in game or PM me here) there are prizes for the winners of the events and pvp is allowing during announced events! (I.E. fixed base raids, convoys ect.) to make things a little risky during them. These events are staged within equal range of everyone who the host or admins have located(a general location or exact depending on what youd like us to know) and planned the events accordingly so everyone has a fair chance to get there and snag the loot! if the server becomes popular enough we will build a PVP arena for those who don't wish to wait for the weekend to prove your worth to another tribe! if you'd like to join us the current name of the server and IP is listed below along with what mods are active currently! we are a newish server with currently three stable tribes and various lone wolves populating the server. admins are a common sight here and they are raiders and are raid-able with no draw backs aside from getting raided back of course! if they discover who did it, those who speak in global are generally rather helpful as well! (not so much on the weekends though ) Also note that the admins can be just as helpful as normal players (they play legit aswell) and provide a "Spawn Protection" for a full week (or less if the new player wishes) this protection only applies to PVP so everyone has a chance to build up an area before the PVP becomes active for them! also the admins can help you locate an area to build and which ones are taken if you like :b SERVER INFO: Server Name: ~~[24/7 Mortibus Isle PvPvE 3xALL (Aku and more)]~~ IP: ARK server Site: http://arkservers.net/server/ Current Mods: Aku Shima, Pet Cemetery(Tomb Stone Mod), All Color Dinos, difficulty 6, and Baby Dinos! if you have any questions feel free to add and message me :3 hope too see you soon! (updated 9/27/2015)
  10. Hi All, Sorry if this sounds stupid but how do I update my dedicated Ark server to the latest version? + Making sure I don't loose progress? Please help! Kind regards, Chups