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Found 3 results

  1. Do you love ark and like it a bit boosted? Well welcome to Togruta! The server is really new. Need any help sarting out or need a basic dinosaur then message Ewok on ark if hes online! PVP is allowed so is raiding. But we mostly want fun and there are events. Its just a chill server where you can hang out and play ark. We have a community base where you can grab DLC saddle's and find new people! And we added something we call "Rare Spawns" every day or so a dino will spawn (with coords) that is not normaly on Valguero! So if you really want a griffin on The Isand you might have a chance of finding one! A message in chat and in the discord will say where one has spawned (and what dino it is!). In the future the server may become a cluster of 2 maps! Want more info? Dm this guy on discord -> NoahButter#8146 Discord: https://discord.gg/Uat4TbxHVw If you want you can make videos on the server or stream! That would be awesome and we can provide things for that. CARNIVORE EVENT COMING Dino's that will be spawning at the event: Aberrant Spino, Aberrant Raptor, Aberrant Baryonyx, Aberrant Sarco, Griffin, Managarmr, Deinonychus egg, Wyvern egg and Rock drake egg (and Ark genesis dinos) Rules: No spawn killing No harassing people Dont be racist/sexist cursing allowed (nothing too edgy) thats basically it!
  2. Hello all i run a 20slot pve server and today notice that the ice wyverns were spawning in just fine, but in the fire cave area there were no eggs or fire wyverns to be seen. Is there a fix for this?
  3. These are the current issues that we have encountered with ARK: Extinction since it's release. Wildcard is aware of these issues and are most likely working on a patch to address these. If we discover any further issues, bugs, or otherwise, we will update this post with more information. Issues and Bugs Enforcers While this is an issue with the PS4 version of ARK, this may occur as well: At this time, Wildcard has disabled the usage of Enforcers on the PS4 version of ARK, due to server instability and crashing that occurs when they are summoned. The Enforcers can be created via the city terminals, but summoning them has been disabled to prevent server issues. Scrap Metal Smelting There is a small issue with scrap metal not smelting within a Forge since the Extinction release. Some users have found that placing a new Forge or moving the current one will fix this and allow the smelting engrams to appear. Wyvern and Rock Drake Eggs Since Extinction, Wyvern and Rock Drake eggs on Ragnarok and Aberration are having issues with appearing for players. The eggs are present in the nest, however they are currently invisible. A workaround to make the eggs to appear is to use a whip to hit the eggs or another means to damage them. Doing so will cause the eggs to appear, sometimes making two eggs appear at once, and that will allow players to collect them as normal. Stuck Bows and Slingshots Some users have reported issues with being unable to load a new arrow or rock when using bows and slingshots. To correct this problem, you need to un-equip the bow or slingshot and then re-equip it. Additions, Requests, and Misc Scorched Earth and Aberration Engrams To enable engrams from other DLC maps for Extinction, you will need to modify your Game.ini file directly from the control panel. To do this, follow the instructions below: Stop the server from the control panel. Connect to the server through an FTP program such as WinSCP or FileZilla. Navigate to the folder where the Game.ini file for your server resides. /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini. Open the file with a text editor and scroll to the bottom of the file. Past the contents of the following code listed here: DLC Engrams for Extinction Once you have finished, save the file and close the text editor. Return to your control panel and restart your game server. Please note, that this is a manual change to the config file, so if you use the Modify Server Config tool to make any further changes, the engram code will be overwritten and you will need to add it once again. -- If you have any further requests or bug reports, please let us know!