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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone know if when you upload your dinos and character to a new server if the imprinting stays? If you upload dinos and start a new lvl 1 char then I am assuming not?
  2. Hello, I seem be doing something incorrectly on the server. I have an Ark server with Survival and my friend was playing on it. He found a dino that he wanted to transfer over to another server (German server owned by someone else and some other server host). However, he was unable to upload the tamed dino via the obelisk. Then I tried to upload some stones and that too did not work. It does not give me the option to upload anything via the obelisk. Currently we have this setting. NoTributeDownloads=False What are we missing here?
  3. For some reason my obelisk dino upload timers are not working. I want to make it so that players can only store it for 2 ~ 4 days in the obelisks but once I upload dinos into the terminals it shows like unlimited time (--:--:--). I have restarted the server a few times over with roce update since I added those commands. I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly. Currently I am playing on the Ragnarok map. I have the following settings under [serverSettings] in GameUserSettings.ini file TributeItemExpirationSeconds=172800 TributeDinoExpirationSeconds=172800 TributeCharacterExpirationSeconds=172800 I am not sure what else to add, please advice?
  4. I purchased a cluster server for Ragnarok. My friends and I wanted to transfer our survivors back and forth so we didn't have to level again. But whenever we try to "Join w/ Survivor" our characters on The Center get wiped completely and we still have to make new characters to play on Ragnarok. The server does load. Help?
  5. Wondering if possible and what files to download a player info, a players dino(s) then FTP it up to new server. Files, folders to for 1 player and dinos. If possible I could just write an app to copy player/dinos to new server Suggestions welcome