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  1. Summary: Resonant RP is a role-playing server with a growing community and active admins. Primarily PvE/RP with PvP "KOS Zones". This isn't your everyday RP server with "lite" RP or "sometimes" RP. All communications and interactions in-game are in RP. From the drug running Cartel's to the iron fist of the law, Chernarus PD; mercenaries and your everyday survivalists can be found among the community. You don't have to worry about finding a "dead-end" job! Economy: Player and NPC traders throughout the map with players will to open up their own shops. P2P trading market, Black Market Arms-Dealer, Vehicle trader and Black Market Drug Dealer. Whatever your trade, you can ply it. Lore: A rogue resonant frequency unleashed during military testing tore a hole through the veil of the universe and thrusting the world into near extinction. The frequency, like an echo from another world, washed over our own and in its wake created the beings we call Resonants, or walking undead. Seasonal: The server is setup currently on a 6 month wipe schedule, (Tentative: December 6 - May 6). Each season represents a phase of the server beginning at building allies and bases, to all out war where all rules are abandoned and all caution thrown to the wind in one last climatic clash before it is freshly wiped again. Discord: https://discord.gg/Jaa6GUY7uQ Server IP:
  2. You can use this link below to invite friends, Share via social media platform. Friendly and welcoming Staff team, Experienced coder. We listen to our community to what they really want. >SERVER SETUP__** Livonia Map Build Anywhere 1st/3rd Person Weekend Raiding Short Nights Unlimited Stamina Killfeeds Traders Outpost at Kopa Prison ( SafeZone ) Full Food/Drink/Misc Tier System Vanilla+ Cannabis Added In-game Missions to complete Rare items to find Host Events Weekly/Daily Open Server Custom Locations Brand New Bunker Settlement community for RP/PVE/JOBS Server restart are set to restart every 3 Hours. Burying loot is disabled this is so the performance of the server will run smoother and to reduce any lag. https://discord.gg/XBXVf4ahnm
  3. Realms Of Midgard RP (PvPvE High Fantasy PC Server) Are you tired of sitting around during off-peak times while RP is slow with nothing to do? Do you want more end-game content to keep yourself busy? Here on Realms Of Midgard, we strive to provide our members with the most enjoyable experience we can. A relatively fresh server, RoM sets itself aside from most other RP servers. With a nice blend of PvE content and RP, with the chance to partake in consensual PvP thrown into the mix, we are constantly adding and improving things, regularly acting on feedback from our members on how we could make things more fun. Below is a short list of just a few things RoM offers: - An active admin team who are constantly working on providing the best possible experience for our members - An abundance of mid/end-game PvE, provided by the use of mods such as AoC and EEWA - A fresh new area of the map to the NE, with the server featuring the Forgotten Lands mod - Numerous admin created quests, giving many different rewards, from gold that can be spent in vendors around town, to paying for services provided by other members through the form of RP. - A custom community RP hub featuring a fully player run marketplace, many quests and RP opportunities around every corner. - A newly implemented kingdoms system, allowing clans to lay claim to the crown of their chosen kingdom and rule it how they see fit, from implementing taxes to organising PvP skirmishes alongside opposing rulers. As we are a PC server and the above text mentions mods, you must be wondering what our mod list looks like? Active Mod List Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.8.10 Grim's Wonderbody Reupload Improved Quality Of Life 3.4.6 Extended Shortcut Bar v2.1.0 Hosav's Custom UI Mod - 2.3.7 Amunets Deco Collector - v0.1.37 MultiChar Outfit Manager Beta 0.3.1 Roleplay Redux Indrid's Custom Races & Classes DungeonMastersTools Immersive Armor v6.5.5 Akuba's Salon Barbarian Barber v3.5.3 Shadows Of Skelos Vol.2 v1.3.7 Shadows Of Skelos - Extended v1.6.0 Savage Steel Savage Steel Vol II Shani's Stuff Devious Desires Emberlight 3.3.0 GrimProductions Beyond Decor Beyond Stations WARRIOR Mutator For Conan Exiles ExilesExtreme - v1.5.33 Fashionist v4.2.3 Thrall War Dungeon Mod VeloXs Tattoos Nocturnal Gods: Warpaint LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.6 Pythagoras: Expanded Building - v2.0.0 Northern Timber 2.3.12 Gothic Architecture Thrall War Decorations Better Thralls v1.9.16 Unlock Plus (With Pickup) v1.4.10 Stacksize Plus v1.7.17 (DLC Compatible) Ymirs Respite v6.4.6 Kerozards Paragon Levelling - Reloaded - v2.3.6 The Age Of Calamitous Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) v0.29.4 KPL - Smooth Leveling - Add-On - v1.0.1 The Forgotten Lands Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.1 RA: Fantasy Extension RA: Character Customisation If you like the sound of what you're reading here and wish to give the server a try, we'd be happy to have you, so please be sure to check out our discord server which is linked below We hope to see you there, Kindest Regards The RoM Admin Team Discord: https://discord.gg/realmsofmidgard
  4. New RP server! Chernarus Safe zones Interaction rules Taxis Bounties Drivers license Haulage company Black market Admin trader Traders Factions Come join our great community! Any factions that join get a free building package! Any friend recommended you will receive 300 DC https://discord.gg/Jm53b9RW
  5. Wiped and updated 1.13 Chernarus Law Dedicated DayZ Expansion Server Economy NEW US PC 1PP PVP Chernarus Law IP Discord:https://discord.gg/x8A4ZN7UXc The economy in our server is based mostly on weapons trading, hunting, fishing, collecting silver and gold, drugs, bounty hunting, zombie/player kill streak rewards, and special announced admin events such as point A to B Police Convoy Ambush, PVP Gladiator Arena, Criminal VIP Jailbreak, and more. To add a twist we try to make events relate to each other so that our server follows a storyline. Also the outcome of the event might affect the environment and or economy to give players a real living, breathing environment that reacts to players actions. There are safezone weapon traders, no safe zone black market, and a mini safezone hunting trader for furs, meat, and survival gear all with enforced camping restrictions. In Chernarus Law we aim to create a living breathing law enforcement, criminal, survivalist community. If you are a solo and a group is trying to break into your house or any other crime that goes against the “laws of the land” simply call the CPD and they will respond to the crime scene to assist or maybe you just wanted to ambush them…attacking the police will not get you banned or even in trouble as we actually encourage it as long as you can handle the in game response. We don’t allow blatant toxicity Weekend only raids We have base spawn flag kits available for 300k All admins are over 18 years old, mature and do not abuse power
  6. PURGEservers.com|PVE Days|PVP Nights|discord.gg/MYVGgH9 Announcing first and original “Purge” server made for the hardcore PVE survival enthusiasts, base building gurus, and PVP chads that wants the full experience. This server has been made to simulate an actual survival world for all players with an added twist of nights being more dangerous than ever. Players in this server must manage their time accordingly, build bases they can defend, and gather supplies in the safety of the daylight. Days are PVE only and time for quests/preparation or to indulge in being a survivor. Nights are no rules PVP and raiding. Choose your skills based on the kind of character you intend to be, defend your base, create your own purge team or purge solo, and plan your days accordingly. Features: - Custom discord locked purge team channels and tags for teams of 3 or more - Events and loot giveaways - Admin/Moderator opportunities - Stable and consistent server maintenance - No Profit/Group Funded Server - Maturity and Respect above all “Tonight, we’ll see the good and evil in everyone.” Direct connect:
  7. WE WANT YOU!! New Age Survivors RP Whitelisted Community Applications are now open! === NEW AGE SURVIVORS RP === --Dead Matter (voice) RP Server -- Our goal is to become the Premier Voice RP Server in the Dead Matter Community. The Admins have a vast experience running voice RP servers (H1Z1 JS, Conan Exiles, and more) and are skilled at handling the uniqueness of such a server. We understand the importance of our Administrators being (pro)active insuring that all are following the server rules and are not afraid to hold rule violators accountable (in a fair and mature manner). Members will be vetted to ensure that all have the best RP experience possible. We are an established RP community that is willing to help RPers of all skill levels. Many of our members have been RPing together for several years and are skilled at not only developing our own story lines but helping others establish theirs as well. Join us now and be part of the process of establishing server rules and regulations. Server info: 30 slot server to start and more available when needed Admins are quick to respond Whitelisted 24/7 server No KOS allowed Community Events Mods will be incorporated when they become available Join our Website!! https://newagesurvivorsrp.enjin.com Join our discord!! https://discord.gg/y6P6sYM
  8. Kingdoms of Ash is a recently developed RP-Light PVP server with an admin team that is active and attentive to the needs of our players. With our team we hope to bring in an immersive and active experience to our players with quest lines, custom gear, and an immersive story line and server lore. our hope is to have an RP server unlike any other. The Exiled lands are a dangerous and ever changing place. Kingdoms rise and just as quickly fall to ash to be swept up in the shifting sands. Three factions have risen with an agenda in the exiled lands. Will you look to join, work against or simply look for your own adventure. You Decide. With our server being recently developed we currently plan to have scheduled wipes (cycles) for every 2-3 months, this will change depending on server stability and after each cycle server rates will be increased to help with the rebuilding process. each cycle is just more opportunities for your characters and stories considering each one will be the tipping point of faction power. Our focus is to help our playerbase feel included and to have fun in the stories unfolding around them in the exiled lands and help make your stories last and become part of our history, Character and server lore can have tangible impact on the server as the game map can be altered and with every action, a reaction occurs in our world. so come join us and leave your mark. To apply simply go to recruitment on our website and fill out an application and dont forget to read the rules. its that simple. join us on our discord and feel free to ask any questions you may have! cant wait to see you there~! https://discord.gg/yby4Sse https://kingdoms-of-ash.enjin.com/ = website Mods= DyeMoreBetterer - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925197087 Pythagoras - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880177231 Pippi - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880454836 Conan Sexiles - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206493209
  9. Come Check Us out! PVP PVE RP Noob Friendly with 13 Mods that are Killer for Builders and Non Builders alike. Many Common areas Just waiting for RP (Role Play) a Large Hotel, A Tavern, Many Outposts and Lots more. We have a website for Suggestions and a Teamspeak Server. Loading 13 mods takes time the first time you log in to the server so be patient. Its well worth the wait and the server may time you out. Just re try a few times and you should log in fine. after your initial log in the mods will not time you out anymore. With 2 Admins the server will never be out of date for long. The Website is: http://thesavagelands.enjin.com This should answer most of you questions and If you are still unsure try us on Teamspeak: thesavagelands.typefrag.com Password: 1234567 Hope you give this server a try John Savage Server Admin
  10. Come Join Sunnyvale Ark!!! Friendly to all types of players, PvPvE ; RP, with active admins who play daily. We enjoy a Stadium with regular events such as Dino Battles, Melee Tournaments & Monkey Boxing. Tame and train Dinos for the Ring, and take home the spoils for your tribe, or your personal stash. Adjacent to the Stadium, we have a casual PVP Battlegrounds, where players can go anytime and pit their skills against anyone from their own tribe members, to the Admins, all in good fun, with events and hidden caches that you can choose to either use on the battlefield, or take home to bolster your defenses. Not to mention an event set all its own, like *The Most Dangerous Game, and *King of Moose Cock Castle (a public use PVP structure in the Battlegrounds). Every Tribe gets an Admin maintained spawn trailer near the stadium so you can jump over for anything from trading, to events, to PVP in an instant. ***Server Features Include*** Stack Mod Metal w/ Glass Mod Industrial Grinder Industrial Forge No Clip Building Pieces (NC) Kibble Vending Machine *Active Neutral Admins *200 Player Level Cap *250 Dino Cap *10x Gather *25x Tame *Forum Link : http://sunnyvaleark.tk/ *Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SunnyvaleArk *Server IP