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Found 8 results

  1. HI, I have a local game that I've been playing with family and I was wondering if I am able to migrate that game and put it on the survival server I got. Any steps to get this to happen would be very helpful.
  2. My friends and I just got the game and in the regular servers the host was the only one who could save and had to be on for anyone to play our base, etc My question is now that we have a server and once we all get on at the same time to start up will we each be able to get on to the same save and save for others to get on later. I'm having trouble describing sorry. 6 of us will be getting on tonight to start a fresh save, then tomorrow 1 person might jump on to do a couple things and get off, then later 4 of us might get on to do something else. Will we all be able to continue where the last person left off with their progress? Edit: Or is there no saving and its like rust where the time will continue even with noone logged in?
  3. I am trying to figure out the proper way of making sure changes to the config are applied to the server. Either the changes are delayed substantially or i am restarting/saving settings wrong. Typically I make a change to a file/s re-upload them to the FTP server then go into the control panel and near bottom where it says save settings and restart server and click that. Also I noticed any edits made directly to the network file then doing this process seems to reset anything that was changed in the network file. Right now my biggest issue is pressing stop, doesn't seem to stop the server. The other is that clearing/cleaning save file doesn't seem to regenerate a new world. What am I missing?
  4. Hey everyone, I wanted to know if there was a way to add weather effects to ragnarok like sandstorms or mega heat? If so can you tell me how? Also, if possible, can I add the weather effect to specific areas? Thanks, Jb.
  5. Hey everyone. I wanted to ask a quick question. I noticed on youtube that you could enable aberration dinos to spawn regularly on Ragnarok. I wanted to know if that was possible to do on ps4. I am not looking to spawn something right in front of me, but instead have them exist in the world as wild creatures that can be tamed. I saw this link, but I do not know how to program it in. If anyone knows if this is possible for ps4, Can you please give me a walk through? - JB PS here is a link explaining some stuff... I just do not know what to do. https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=ARK:_Survival_Evolved_Advanced_Configuration
  6. Now, we don't have a date other than "October" for the Aberration expac, and I'd honestly be surprised if WC releases it this month, but I do have a question pertaining to here. How long can we expect it to take after Aberration is officially released before it is made available here as a map option? Will it be a significant amount of time that it will be worth attempting to add is via the custom map option? Will running the server through the custom map option potentially mess up switching to the option for Aberration when it is added? Will I blow up something unintentionally? Thanks for any answers!
  7. Ok recently I have had issues with Dinos glitching out near the big redwood trees and only way to get them out is teleport them out but they always die. How can I help players on my server to fix this without killing the dino on teleporting?