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Found 50 results

  1. Bad Wolves Official PvP 20x steam://connect/ Host IP: Host Name: Bad Wolves PVP 20x Ark Comes Alive [11/27] Admins: Melborne, Fatetaker Bad Wolves Public Steam group page Our Mod List https://youtu.be/BfNssC2wWpk Server Settings Map: The Island (+ Map Mods) Max Level Cap: 120 Max Wild Cap: 600+120 (max tamed level 1020) Difficulty Server! The server generally has 20x every setting, unless otherwise specified. EXP/Harvest/Tame: 20x Breeding: 20x Food/Water/Stamina: .5x (Including Dinosaurs) Increased stat growth per level Increased experience per level requirements Increased tamed and wild dino damage About our server Our server is hosted by www.SurvivalServers.com and has 50 slots. Our population growth has more than doubled in the last twenty four hours, and will continue to grow by the public and the Bad Wolves Gaming Community. Server upgrades are imminent. We have two, very active, administrators on the server that can be contacted in-game, or through Steam, 24/7. More information on our server, including: Rules, Events, Community Voice Chat, etc, can be found in-game, through the custom Server Information UI by pressing F1. Or on our steam public group page listed above.
  2. Hello! I'am the main Admin for 10X Center Chronicles! You can find me under the name Lulu when you join. I strive to give you all the best experience possible while your on our server. I do not play myself to keep things fair, alot of people have issues with Admins who actually play the game on other servers. I want to eliminate this by just providing my support, and creating fun events along with Mods in the future for you all to enjoy. There are NO rules when it comes to this server. You may build freely and raid freely. If you fancy yourself a stealthy Assassin raided by all means, or maybe you prefer all out war on a battlefield. You can be whoever you like here. When it comes to human decency we will not tolerate harsh behavior over global. That is all we ask! Ex: Talking about doing harmful things in real life to a player, etc The server is brand new and needs inhabitants! There is no apha tribe yet, so the race is on survivors! WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU JOIN! Each player will be given their choice of a farming animal listed below: Anky Doed Beaver Pelican Raptor Mammoth Trike Stego (More may be added later) They also will not be over the starting level of 25 to keep things fair. It is 10x after all! To get started click the link below! http://toparkservers.com/server/ Make friends, and speak up in Global! Welcome to your new Ark!
  3. Server IP and Port167.114.102.210:19116 Join us by clicking this link and then clicking join server (must have steam open) Precarious is a new PvP server, unmoded to offer a challenging game environment for all players. Regular updates and full server backups on a solid dedicated server make it a stable server worth playing on. Join PreCarious and start your legendary story today! 10x taming, 5x experience, 5x gathering Server Rules:1. Build anywhere except the chasm2. Raid at any timeEverything else goes Features:Scorched Earth Map10x Taming15x Mature, hatching, imprinting5x Experiance5x GatheringLevel difficulty increasedHigh end server hosting Note: Server owner does not log in as administrator, only via control panel to keep things fair, post on forums to contact him. Link to community steam pagehttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/precarious Need help joining via the IP/port method?1 - Open steam 2 - Click view in the top left corner 3 - Select servers 4 - Click on favorites tab 5 - Click add servers on the bottom right. 6 - Copy and paste the address in the box that pops up: 7 - Either click on the newly added address and press connect button on the bottom right or open ark and it will be in your favorites filter! Up vote us!
  4. We have launched our Scorched Earth PvP server. Our admins do not play on the servers, NO ADMIN ABUSE. Details: Offline Raiding Protection10x AllResource StacksMax Character Level: 150Max Wild Dinos 120Custom DropsWebsite: http://www.arkwar.com Server: http://toparkservers.com/server/
  5. Hey I just need help to find out a easy way to change max level character to 1000. When I trying doing it in the console in the modify server config, everytime i click on add a level two blank boxes comes up. the "how much xp you need" and how many engrams you should get. But it just takes a long time and i wish you the modifer would help a little more another thing I want is every time you go in a new level after level 100 it will take 25000+1000 and then level 101 25000+2000 and then level 102 would be 250000+3000 and after all that stuff at level 900 it would take so long time like 250000+800000. Is there a fast method to do these things? if so plz commend down below
  6. After playing alot on the unofficial servers, and always want something a bit different than the current settings, I have decided to give it a go with a server. As the title describes, 3xXP/Harvest/Breeding - I have felt that the higher than 3x results in alot of the gameplay disapeers.. Stone tier basicly becomes irrelevant, and same goes to kibble. Being a very active player my self, I will be administrating seperately. Have experienced Admin abuse on alot of servers, wich i despise If you want to help make this little community of fun players, you are welcome to join the server..
  7. TheIsland -----PVP/stack10000+/Dragon God/AnnumakiGenesis/Metal with Glass Set/ and more fun mods, you can request me to add more~~ Join us and have fun!!! Type name: FunAnnunaki/20XP/10H/30T/MediumMODDED or ip: http://toparkservers.com/server/
  8. INTRODUCTION Welcome to Awaken Reborn, Wiped 05/02. Hosted by SurvialServers.com, Admins are active and able to help whenever needed, Server community events are held every Saturday, bringing players together in various PvE and PvP events. Please read all server settings and server rules before joining. If you have any questions, please visit our: Steam Community page- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Awaken-Reborn-Gaming Community Website- http://awaken-reborn.enjin.com/home Ark-Servers Page- http://ark-servers.net/server/42903/ Community Discord- http://discord.me/awaken message an admin for your own private tribe channel or join the server and ask around for anything you need! SERVER SETTINGS Custom Beacons Difficulty: 4.0 Max Player Level: 200 Wild dino max level: 120 (220 levels after tame) 25 XP 10x Gathering 25x Taming 50x Egg hatch speed 50x Baby mature speed 50x Baby Food Consumption Crop growth multiplied Longer days & shorter nights Food and water drainage halved Unlock all engrams at max level Stats for dinos & players multiplied Reduced player respawn rates Structure limit on saddles/rafts doubled. Turret damage multiplied Dinosaur spawns adjusted Brontos Disabled Stegos Disabled Gamma enabled Server Rules: NO killing PASSIVE dinos. No hacking or cheating (Aimbot, etc.) NO spamming of global-chat, no perversion, racism or sexism. NO killing new players, there is a 48 hour grace period for new players to get started. A person or tribe CANNOT raid the same person twice within 24 hours. Tribes have a maximum of 3 bases, Dino pens included. Ground tames are limited to 4 turrets, but the rider can be completely enclosed. Flying tames are allowed to have as much turrets as they would like, but the rider must be fully OPEN. No roofs, no side walls. Also, please dont argue with Admins. We try our best to enforce these rules to keep the server fun, friendly and fair. These rules are there to make the experience better for the entire community. Have a nice day Main Mods: Map: Valhalla- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504122600 Stargate Atlantis- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609380111 Pimp My Dino- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655581765 RAWR Beacons- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=557147187 ORP - Offline Raid Protection v03.27.16.16- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600705968 All mods can be downloaded here at our Workshop Collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=678092640
  9. Hi all, looking for new players/tribes to join my server. In the server this is no "admin tribe". I'm the only admin in the server and will only be using commands for building arenas and community areas. I'm playing/grinding like everyone else so if your looking for a server with no power hungry admins this is the one. Boosts are mostly x6, xp at the moment is x9, taming is x7.5. Looking for mature people who won't leave the server just because they got raided once.. When joining the server you get a 2 day grace. For more info/rules, please join the group. Hope to see you soon☺. Please Add HiddenIslandPVP https://m.facebook.com/groups/1132572590107463
  10. [Experimental] Hello everyone, i need some help, how can i make groups like admin, mod, default, donator ect... and how can i add some kits to the admin group so normal people can't use the admin kit... i know how to make kits in-game but didnt now how to make a special kit for a special group. And if u know some nice plugins for my server "it is a pvp server" say it please or add me on skype "DICOonPC" or on steam "akaDICO" Regards, Dico
  11. FRESH WIPED PVP ANARCHY!!!! No rules! Lots of mods! Suggestions for better play are welcome! Build where you want! IP: Mods: Annunaki Genisis, Jurassic Ark, Glass Metal, Cute Hair Mod, Industrial Grinder, No Collision, Advanced Spyglass and Oil refining forge. Any problems message me on steam Purpleflurpdragon
  12. COME ONE COME ALL!! Come join us on our ARK Survival Evolved server! All are welcome, it is a 30x XP, 50x Harvest, 30x Taming, 50x Crop Speed, 60x Egg hatch speed, 80x Baby Mature speed. Level cap is currently 150 but will be increased as the server progresses. The Admins are very active in helping in anyway they can. We will be having weekly Events such as Giveaways!, Races!, and other Large world events like ALPHA Takeover!! The first 50 Members to join the server receive a FREE DINO. The Server is Privately Paid for powered by Survival Servers and Runs Great as long as the Pre-developed game allows it. So to help Maintain the server costs we allow In-game Donations for Certain Dino's, Materials, and or other items. THIS SERVER NEVER WIPES! I know many servers claim this and don’t follow through with it but we have people taking care in the balance of the server so such a thing isn't needed. To Join Please FRIEND OR MESSAGE ON STEAM GriffonRebron Thank You for your time and we hope to see you in our community.
  13. Player level cap=500. Dino=250 level ups. All engrams can be learned. Only rule: No building in or blocking land caves. Mods: Grinder, stack, better beacons, and no collision. ip: Trying out the new map! TheCenter Anyone know how to edit a topic name? (lowered 25x to 15x).
  14. Come Join Sunnyvale Ark!!! Friendly to all types of players, PvPvE ; RP, with active admins who play daily. We enjoy a Stadium with regular events such as Dino Battles, Melee Tournaments & Monkey Boxing. Tame and train Dinos for the Ring, and take home the spoils for your tribe, or your personal stash. Adjacent to the Stadium, we have a casual PVP Battlegrounds, where players can go anytime and pit their skills against anyone from their own tribe members, to the Admins, all in good fun, with events and hidden caches that you can choose to either use on the battlefield, or take home to bolster your defenses. Not to mention an event set all its own, like *The Most Dangerous Game, and *King of Moose Cock Castle (a public use PVP structure in the Battlegrounds). Every Tribe gets an Admin maintained spawn trailer near the stadium so you can jump over for anything from trading, to events, to PVP in an instant. ***Server Features Include*** Stack Mod Metal w/ Glass Mod Industrial Grinder Industrial Forge No Clip Building Pieces (NC) Kibble Vending Machine *Active Neutral Admins *200 Player Level Cap *250 Dino Cap *10x Gather *25x Tame *Forum Link : http://sunnyvaleark.tk/ *Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SunnyvaleArk *Server IP
  15. ​Server information : Name : [PVP][EU-NL/EN][ALL X5] The forgotten world Several links : http://toparkservers.com/server/ - Provided by a gaming community by gamers for gamers - Everything is x5. - Active admins that play normally with all the other players - Only a couple of basic rules. - A fresh server, wiped - 22-02-2016 - Big gaming community filled with people to team up with or fight against. If you have any questions? Feel free to let us know at our forum : Innotecgaming.com or join us at the teamspeak : Innotecgaming.teamspeak.com
  16. A fresh, brand new server running the Annunaki Genesis mod. We are looking for players to help populate this server. You can find us at: https://toparkservers.com/server/ Also, we have cookies
  17. I've tried multiple combinations and searched everywhere but I can't get this to work. Does anyone know excatly what .ini settings i need to add to my files? I've tried a few, but i noticed some were PVE, but i've seen this done before on PVP servers. I want people to be able to demolish old buildings from players that don't play anymore (preferably if they could just decay themselves) and I want others to be able to claim old dinos as well. Any help would be appreciated : )
  18. Original post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/10/451848855002203694/ - English speaking - server located in France (DDOS protected). We have 50x Gather rates, and 100x XP rate. Dinos are instantly tamed with 1 meat/berry and player levels are 250 (Bonus stats mod) while dinos are 150(wild) 374(tamed). Mods: Aku Shima, Small Dragons (LOTS of fun), and multiple skins and structures / storages, vaults lockers ...etc Welcome anytime! Server is always up to date and is running on a dedicated lag free server with high quality hardware and connection. 99% uptime 24/7. Server ip: Find with steam server search: Or just go to the unofficial ARK server list ingame and search for EU DRAGONS OR copy this link to your browser to launch directly: steam://connect/
  19. .:Information:. We provide a very healthy and overall enjoyable PVP experience. We have very little rules, build as you please, just don't be a dick. Don't exploit, typically is a gimme. We don't necessarily support racism/swearing, but we're not completely against it. Use it at your own will, but understand, it can still fall under the main rule of "just don't be a dick." We'll be launching donations in the weeks coming with a website as well. If you're an active Tribe Leader, you are allowed to have a Teamspeak channel for your tribe. You must apply through a server moderator. Happy Arking! 25x Experience | 25x Tame | 20x HarvestMap: Valhalla Mod List: Au Naturale', Stairs/Rounded Walls, Better Beacons, Small Dragons, Eradicator 2.0, Aku Shima, and ACM. Max Player Level: 216Max Wild Dino Level: 150Max Tamed Dino Level: 416 (How to calculate: Wild Dino Level + Taming Effectiveness Level + 155 = Highest Possible Level) Server is owned by Putana and managed by SirGreasyHobo. SERVER IP: IP: ts.alliedgamersfederation.com
  20. DEAD ARK RP - PVP - PVE Brand new fresh map opening up right now! A role playing and pvp based server, with a lot of fun to be had! We will hold raid events set up by the admins, with prizes for succeeding, and hide loot and unclaimed dinosaurs all over the map to keep the fun going! We have no rules against PvP involved scenarios. PvP is part of the game! Kill or be Killed! No Dinosaur restrictions, if you get a Gigantosaurus, lucky you. You get to keep it on this server. I'll be spawning random ones from time to time for people to find, along with other dinosaurs. Server details are below! Please come join! First 5 get a free gun of choice, and 200 ammo! I have installed some additional mods to help keep the immersion up, and to just to make building and crafting fun for players again. Mod List: Industrial Grinder Spotlights High Powered Lights with Multiple Angles No Collision Check More Crafting Stairs with rounded walls Improved Balanced Stacks The Rules are as followed 1. No Immature banter in the chat, we can all act like mature people. 2. No Whining in the chat about getting raided, it's part of the game. 3. Obviously no cheating or hacking. 4. Have fun Go to Ark, Servers, Favorites and in the bottom of the screen put this IP ADRESS: Also feel free to add me and join directly or if you use survival launcher, the same IP works and the Server name as well! contact me through steam or at Drewmoore99@gmail.com via skype or google
  21. NEW SERVER! Our server is now 10/30. Everyone is still just getting started, so there is LOTS of room to get a great location, and get up to speed. Currently running (Stairs & rounded walls/buildings + Glass Structures mods). We are looking for more easy-going, FUN, casual - serious players. Our server setup and community allows for both PVP (for those who WANT it) and PVE for those who don't. We do strongly encourage good-hearted, FUN, good-spirited pvp however. We are experienced - novice players. 2x tames, 1.5 times Resource gather. We want things to still have value, just not waste all of our time... Wild Dinos on our server are strong. We want there to be a challenge to players, even players that want a challenge outside of PVP. It keeps it interesting, and makes you consider venturing out unprepared. We have a full-time very reasonable admin and all admin is logged for the entire server to see. There is no favoring, or gifting etc. However, grieffers will be quickly dealt with, and anything lost to such acts will be replaced immediately via our Admin. As there is a very small interview process, we've yet to have any issues with Griefing etc, and look forward to other ARK players just looking for laid-back FUN! Please reply for a quick interview and get in and HAVE FUN with us!
  22. Hellow, I want to enabled "Structure Decay Destruction Period" on my server , but default it's set to 0. I'm concerned if I put the wrong number it could have a negative impact on our player's builds. Does anyone know the scale for the timer? For example, If I set it to 5, is that 5 minutes or 5 days?Does structure demolish by the time period ending or it begins to decay when the time period is met? If so, how long would it take to demolish from time met?Ideally, I'd like to set it for around a month or two. Just to clear inactive player's structures and allow actives more real estate. Thanks in advance!
  23. we have x3 XP 3x Gather and actually 4x tame, the max lvl cap is 100 along with the dinos however that more then likely will be raised depending on a few things. (devs ading stuff mod updates or new mods if you guys want it to be raised ect.) the server has standard PVE on the weekdays with PVP weekends kicking on at 11:59 PM EST on Friday nights to the same time Sunday with random events scattered around the world during the week. some of which include fixed base raids and dino bounty hunts! (for more information about these events find me in game or PM me here) there are prizes for the winners of the events and pvp is allowing during announced events! (I.E. fixed base raids, convoys ect.) to make things a little risky during them. These events are staged within equal range of everyone who the host or admins have located(a general location or exact depending on what youd like us to know) and planned the events accordingly so everyone has a fair chance to get there and snag the loot! if the server becomes popular enough we will build a PVP arena for those who don't wish to wait for the weekend to prove your worth to another tribe! if you'd like to join us the current name of the server and IP is listed below along with what mods are active currently! we are a newish server with currently three stable tribes and various lone wolves populating the server. admins are a common sight here and they are raiders and are raid-able with no draw backs aside from getting raided back of course! if they discover who did it, those who speak in global are generally rather helpful as well! (not so much on the weekends though ) Also note that the admins can be just as helpful as normal players (they play legit aswell) and provide a "Spawn Protection" for a full week (or less if the new player wishes) this protection only applies to PVP so everyone has a chance to build up an area before the PVP becomes active for them! also the admins can help you locate an area to build and which ones are taken if you like :b SERVER INFO: Server Name: ~~[24/7 Mortibus Isle PvPvE 3xALL (Aku and more)]~~ IP: ARK server Site: http://arkservers.net/server/ Current Mods: Aku Shima, Pet Cemetery(Tomb Stone Mod), All Color Dinos, difficulty 6, and Baby Dinos! if you have any questions feel free to add and message me :3 hope too see you soon! (updated 9/27/2015)
  24. Hi, We have just set up a new UK PvP server based in London. We paid a bit extra to get a higher connection speed and CPU priority. We currently have 30 slots but will keep upgrading it as the community grows. The server will never be wiped and we will be running the server well beyond the full release of the game. The server is set at 10 x taming, 10 x harvesting and 10 x XP. Water and hunger drain have been halved. The level cap is set at 300 for players and 500 for dinos. We have difficulty set to 4.0. The day night cycle is approximately 35mins daytime 6mins night time. We've installed 2 mods. New colour dinosaurs and better drops. The colour mod adds some nice new colour variations that look awesome. But doesn't remove any of the original ones. The better drops make the drops actually worth going for. People will actually fight over them now. We will be regularly running events on the server with in game equipment prizes and will be building a large coliseum for people to fight their dinos in competitions. I'm also building lots of admin bases for people to raid without consequence to reduce raiding of actual player bases. We will also be regularly cleaning up old abandoned bases and resource killing foundations so that our island continues to have plenty of dino spawns and access to resources. Our server is currently a nice safe place to get started up if you’re new to the game. Everyone will get the chance to get their base going before the wars begin. We currently have about 40 regular players but are planning to grow into a thriving community. So if you love to see the island with a plentiful supply of beautiful dinos and are fed up with looking for an hour to find one level 12 trex and getting water jars in drops. Then head on over and check out our server. Server Name : ![uK/ENG]PvP(10xT,10xH,10xXP)New IP address is Select the server and connect! And begin your amazing dinosaur collection.
  25. Can anyone connect to any unturned server on the Master Server. I can't connect to any server, including my own.