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  1. Looking to beef up the server with factions and single players I will offer custom bases to factions and I will offer any help needed in game we have custom bases, vehicle trader , and store to go loot up and be on your mission there is a PVP arena in kolmbrody small stores in most main city’s
  2. 10X-UK-EU-PVP-Accelerated-Impact-Crossplay Crossplay with steam and epic. PVP Enabled 24/7. Rates 10x weekday 20x Weekend. Item weight was reduced by 80% on all items. Custom Plugins: Ark Shop. Cross chat. Solo farm. item collector. item transfer gun. Dino Tracker. Spyglass. Death recovery. and more. the last wipe was on 29/09/2022 Webpage: accelerated-impact.co.uk Discord: discord.gg/SqEXB6mJ4Q EU-PVP-LostIsland-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-Ragnarok-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-Scorched-Earth-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-TheCenter-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-TheIsland-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-Valguero-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-GenTwo-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-Genesis-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-fjordur-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-Extinction-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-CrystalIsles-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open EU-PVP-Aberration-Accelerated-Impact-[Crossplay] steam://connect/ Epic-> open
  3. Are you tired of admin abuse. Tired of not having a server to call home? Come join our brand new Dayz servers Fight4Homestead. We have both Chernarus and Livonia maps. Boosted loot, safe zones for PVE players. Starting gear and a bunch of custom locations key points* * 32 Slots Chernarus map( more will be added once we grow) 10 slot Livonia map (more will be added once we grow) * Call of Duty inspired NukeTown PVP area(Chernarus map) * Starting Gear * Boosted loot (More Guns) * boosted cars (full cars including new Humvee) * Custom locations (modded castles spawned in for players) * Infinite Stamina * Boosted food * Boosted medical supply * Full uniforms spawned in * PVP bags in military * Inland spawns and Coastal spawns * GPS spawned in bag when you first spawn in *Starting Gear *Factions * Safezones for PVE players * Jeabers Killfeed (global) * Looking for Admin join our discord https://discord.gg/j8xP9pY6 Hope we got your attention. Look forward to having you join the Homestead team. Thanks for Reading.
  4. BraindeathDayZ Community PVP Server Platform: PC BraindeathDayZ was founded in September 2021. The Server got the focus on PVP, Raiding and Base Building. With first person perspective (FPP) and lots of custom Mods & content for you to check out. You should know we have a Group Limit of MAX 4 at one time, you can switch out after 30 Minutes & we also dont use Helicopters. Join our Discord (https://discord.gg/skG6MmrS2c) for the server rules and all the infos you gonna need. We just released our home made Table Saw Mod on our Server what can be placed / used by the Player in their own Base, You can see how it works in our Teaser (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GGqDKAEeUM) Server Features/Properties: * Codelock limit on Doors/Gates/Hatches of 20 max * AI-Bots/Patrols at all Crash-Sites, Tier 4 Areas & Contaminated Areas * CCTV System, you can place a Laptop in your Base and attach 5 Cameras to it, so you can check the outside of your Base without going out! * Special Airdrops comes two times restart length only, defended by Aliens * Military Stashes you can dig out with a Farming Hoe, Shovel or Pickaxe * KOTH you need to capture for 20 Minutes to get the rewards * Cargo Supply * ATMs for robbing to get some Cash * Random Train, Plane, Helicopter & Police Crashes + Crashed Convoys * Dynamic Helicrashes * Custom Tier System, Devils Castle, Biathlon & Tisy count all as Tier 4 areas, be careful Tisy is a Contaminated Area * You need to loot Sheet Metal & Concrete Bricks(we do not have Concrete Mixers on the Map) * Werebears around the Map who can drop Keys / Cards & Pelts to sell for a Bitcoin * Active Admin Team! Instant Support via our Ticket System in our Discord with German & English only. * Raidtools like Safe/Vehicle/Tent Hacking Device, Sledgehammer, custom Homemade Breachingcharge & Heavy Breachingcharge with custom Explosion Sound * Basebuilding: BBP 2.0 * Barter Items like Pokemon Cards, GameBoy Games, Polaroid Pictures, Gameboys, GPU, SSD, Pocket Watch, PS1 Memory Card, USB Stick, IPhone, Gold Nuggets & Diamond * Lots of Custom Clothes / Gear / Items * Lots of Map edits with taking care about details + custom loot points * Food & Drink with more Boosts * Markets: 1x Black Market at Myshkino, 1x Black Market at Bashnya, 1x Safe Zone at Altar, 1x Safe Zone at Pavlovo & 1x Building Trader at Kelm(BM) * Autorun, Killfeed without distance, Dogtag System, No Vehicle Damage, BetterItemSizes, Inventory Move Sounds, Vehicle 3PP, Earplus, Group System, Map/Marker System, Spawn Select, BMW & Dingo, Discord Raid Alarm System * And probably way more for you to check out/discover * Modular Vest System https://ziller.eu/braindeath/3_Vest.png * Base / Storage Items like Hesco, Watchtower, Woodstorage, Gunracks, Watercontainer, CCTV, Tents, Weapon-Cases, Decos, Safes etc https://ziller.eu/braindeath/storage.jpeg * Keycards to open restricted areas https://ziller.eu/braindeath/BD_Keycard_Green.png * Keys to open locked crates on OilRigs and some locked Rooms around the Map https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Key.png * Body Bags, wont despawn with server restarts / mod updates https://ziller.eu/braindeath/bodybag.jpeg * Underground Bunker with Toxic-Gas inside, its dark inside and it may be protected by some heavy Creatures. In their you can find Raidtools & Highloot. To Enter that Bunker you gonna need a full NBC Outfit, a Gas Mask + Filter and lots of Ammo. The Entrance for the Bunker is between Stary & Novy Sobor https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Bunker.png * Base Respawn ? Take a Sleeping Bag and place it in your Base https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Sleeping_bags.png * A Starter Base Shed Kit you can buy at our Markets https://ziller.eu/braindeath/hut.jpeg * Vehicle Repair/Flip Tool, it has two uses and it repairs every Vehicle in every state to Pristine, flipping has no limits https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle_repair_tool.jpeg * Blood & Health Stimpacks https://ziller.eu/braindeath/blood_stimpack.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/stimpack.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/super_stimpack.jpeg * Armored Vehicles, you can drive over trees with them and their parts like doors/trunk etc wont fall off fast, on all others they fall off pretty fast as soon as they reached the badly damaged/ruined state: https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle1.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle2.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle4.jpeg * Vest Damage System https://ziller.eu/braindeath/damage_system_bulletproof_vest.jpeg * Helmet Damage System https://ziller.eu/braindeath/damage_system_helmet.jpeg * Multiple Wallpapers, Carpets & Plasters for your Base https://ziller.eu/braindeath/walls.jpeg * Designed Vending Machines https://ziller.eu/braindeath/automats.jpeg * Aircraft Model https://ziller.eu/braindeath/aircraft_carrier.jpeg * OilRig Model https://ziller.eu/braindeath/drilling_rig.jpeg * Trader Plus https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Maket.png * No Building Zones https://ziller.eu/braindeath/No_building_zones.png
  5. https://discord.gg/cxbkXEnx
  6. My server is looking for traders and guards. Also we are on 1st page in Playstation communities. The only safe zones are traders. Pls join the discord to be more involved.
  7. KEY FEATURES : ACTIVE ADMIN SUPPORT / MONITORING / DAILY RESTARTS / STABLE SERVER FRIENDLY COMMUNITY / 32 SLOTS AND GROWING 3RD PERSON / 1ST PERSON / PVP / PVE 2 HOUR DAYS / 30 MINUTE NIGHTS GLOBAL CHAT / PARTY / PLAYER LIST / MAP REMODELED TEXTURES AND GORE WINTER CHERNARUS / NO TRADER / BUILD ANYWHERE WINDOW / DOOR FORTIFICATION SNOW MOBILES / HELICOPTERS + FURNITURE / MELEE / FIREARM / ATTACHMENT / GEAR / CLOTHING / FOOD / LOOT VARIETY - Immersion - focuses on keeping the hardcore survival aspect of vanilla DayZ intact all while enhancing the experience by expanding the base building items, clothing, vehicles, gear, and weapon arsenal. Textures are remodeled to add more gore and realism to the weather to increase the immersion. The mod selection is small but essential to keep the experience as close to vanilla as possible while still having new items, vehicles, gear, and weapons you wouldn't normally see in vanilla DayZ. There is NO trader as having a trader defeats the purpose of "surviving". All of your loot has to be found on the ground fair and square. You can never ignore hunger, thirst, illness, cold and other dangerous factors. Come join our community and experience the hell of playing DayZ winter chernarus with us! You no longer have to die to a hacker with no support, as our server has active admins to resolve any issue you may come across. We welcome all players noobie or veteran! You won't regret it! SERVER DETAILS : NAME : - Immersion - |LightlyModdedVanilla|Winter|Map|PVP/VE|3PP/1PP| IP : DISCORD : https://discord.gg/u2HvnVTJu7 VISIT OUR DISCORD CHANNEL FOR THE FULL SERVER INFORMATION, MODLIST, AND MORE!
  8. Thank you for considering AZ DayZ! Looking for a place to call home? Look no further AZ DayZ has a place for you! Looking for factions to come setup shop. Looking to get some battles happening!! ||||||||||| Chernarus/Livonia Server LIVE |||||||||||| Some things our servers includes are; - 36 slots - SS9 Trader - 3x Loot - Weekend raids - Ready cars/trucks - Custom locations - Weekly Events - More zombies/animals - Economy - Cannabis Trader - Fur Trader - Point system tied to game activity - Kill feed - Active Helpful Admins & much more! Our server has around 25 regular players who all play at different times from around the world. Lots of base building action going on and lots of server action going on. Now is a great time to get in and get established before the server grows more. We are open to solos, friends and factions, all are welcome! Come give us a try & I can assure you that you won't regret it! To get started, head over to our Discord Server; https://discord.gg/XvdUZpgSTD If discord is not your thing and you'd just like to play, then you can find us by searching AZ DayZ in your Community Server Launcher!
  9. Welcome to LOST LANDZ NAMALSK **Server Name**: LOST LANDZ NAMALSK **Server IP:** **Location:** US **Map:** Namalsk **New Server 2 days old** **What We Offer:** • keeping the aspects of survival • no base building • few mods such as..... • namalsk clothing expansion • spurgles bagz • mortys weapons (only few weapons added and very low to go with feel to server • advanced Scopes • frozen corpses • gorez • uncuepas civilian clothing • mini map • gauss rifle https://discord.gg/HbSa2z2tAD
  10. PC 30 Slots Custom Chernarus Map Unlimited Stamina PvP Weekend Raiding Trader Blackmarket Keycards Weekly Events Referral Program Promotion Program Live Killfeed Modded/Boosted 4x Loot C130/Heli Crash Site's Faction Wars https://discord.gg/2Ed6Z5SmAT
  11. Where do i start 1st of all a massive thank you to 2 of our players for this video englishknight for putting this masterpiece together and blazedd for the screenshots and pictures. we have custom built areas all over the map plenty for you all to find and explore. Some of our mods include diesel, renegade gear, dnakeycards, bbp, expansion, custom car pack, snafu, teddy and mortys weapon packs, arma helicopters, collectables and drugs. This a growing friendly community (unless your in a pvp zone lol) feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/NaB6hPv7wh
  12. Foreign Legion A pvp/pve Playstation server. Located in Chernarus. Our goal is to have an active & friendly community. We have a baseraidweekends, every other week from Friday 20PM CET – Sunday 20PM CET Fightclub every other Sunday at 20PM CET. During the week live Events and airdrops. We accept every kind of player and try to create a good environment for everyone. We are mainly a Dutch/English speaking community. Build Anywhere - Unlimited Stamina – Trader - Discord currency – Killfeed - Modded areas https://discord.io/Foreign-Legion-DayZ
  13. Nuketown DayZ | Playstation | Chenarus | PVE/PVP Balance | Trader Nuketown was started by a like-minded coalition of DayZ players who wanted to create something unique and fun amongst the many 100X LOOT and deathmatch servers on console. We are here to have fun in a shared experience with a Discord community. Nuketown strives to balance risk and reward Survival will be hard in Nuketown, but the more risks you are willing to take the higher the rewards. There is a large part of the map designated as the “Dark Zone” where PVP is allowed and other dangers exist. PVE players will be tempted to also visit the Dark Zone for its riches and surprises. We also feature: Fresh wipe on July 19 16 player slots, willing to expand as it’s needed Map: Chenarus Many risk/reward loot adjustments PVP and PVE (No KOS/raiding) areas Bi-weekly Purge (KOS and raiding allowed across the map) Day/night: 4 hours/30 minutes Unlimited sprinting Vehicles mostly complete Zombie hordes across the map Custom structures and Points of Interest to discover Factions Planned events In-house modding and content fully automated trader system Killfeed And more! Friendly, chill and active admins. Join our discord to get whitelisted and in on the action: https://discord.gg/BDaPmFm2am
  14. Hello, This Is A KOS Server With A Little Bit Of RP. RP Isn't Required But Is Recommended! The RP Theme Is PMC Groups Came In To Chernarus Looking For A Cure And There Are Many Rival Groups Out And About So You Can Expect To Run Into PMC Groups/Factions And See Similar In Game Missions/Events That Go Out In Game Chat. You Can Still RP As Whatever You Like Since It Isn't Really Required But Just Some Things You Can Expect! There Are Lots Of Custom Areas Such As Dorms/Resort! It's Not Perfect But Still Fun If You're A Fan Of Tarkov! Many Other Things As Well Like KOTH/Airdrops And KeyCard Rooms! Join The Discord To See Everything Simplified! https://discord.gg/QdwpKMs
  15. So guys I'm looking for some Beta testers for the new Skulls'N'Roses PC server. The server has been fully coded and most of the main mods have been added already. The server is currently sitting at 10 slots for now but will increase when population rises, feel free to hop in and join. All server info is here: Server name: Skulls'N'Roses Beta | Heli's | MoreDoors & More Address: Server version: 1.18.155069 Required game version: 1.18.0 Map: Chernarusplus Mission: DayZ Players: 0/10 If the server doesn't pop up on any of your launchers please head over to steam click View>Server Then add server and add this IP to the list then the server will pop up for you = If you need any help feel free to open a ticket or shoot me a DM and I'll be with you ASAP !!! You can join our discord here just Note: this discord is currently used also for our console server on xbox but a new Discord is currently being worked on now https://discord.gg/Y3NaW5tvWB
  16. PvE server with PvP events hosted from discord. All players who join discord will receive a FREE flag to get your base started. Discord boasts a loot store where you can find an array of setups, we also have an automated points system so you can accumulate points from in game competitions, helping other players and much more, we understand that not everyone has that spare $$ to waste on in game transactions, so the points system allow you to redeem your desired items from your points rather than having to waste money. Great friendly support team wanting to build a great player community. Server search: A DASH Boost Loot - PvE Server w/ PvP Events Discord group: https://discord.gg/VwfpXFUsmT We hope to see you soon!!
  17. 42 slot pvp server Kos allowed (some players are friendly) Trucks and Cars spawn with building loot coastal and inland player spawn points Infinite stamina Military loot spawns on the coast frag grenades and explosives boosted for combat Bears/Deer spawn on the coast, food is scarce Trading & squad via discord Long days & Long nights /NVGS Boosted Join Our Discord : https://discord.gg/7nz8Cr9FRB
  18. WarriorZ is bringing you a whole new Banov experience like no other! Over 5000 hours and huge amounts of cash have gone into the production of this server to bring you what we believe is going to be the best Banov experience out there. We have worked tirelessly adding a huge amount of custom areas and additions as well as lots of custom clothing/guns/items. Our focus is PVP so we have ensured that armour/guns are well balanced to ensure fair PVP. We have also focused on creating PVP all around the map with events that global ping and alert all players with ATM robberies around the map as well as our custom bank robbery mission at Overgrown military. We have completely modernised the DayZ experience with a whole new market system which will allow you to easily navigate and customise weapons/clothing to your liking and have it saved as a pre-set. We have over 60 vehicles available as well as helicopters with gunner seats. Our server has well balanced loot with a huge selection of guns available. Active admins! Trailer: https://youtu.be/KfzU9cGq4cc Server Information: • Name: WarriorZ Banov 1PP • Location: US • Max players currently: 80 • IP: • Restarts: 3am/6am/9am/12pm/3pm/6pm/9pm/12am • Playstyle: PVP • 1PP • Discord: https://discord.gg/4e473cPszq • Raid alarms • Huge amount of custom edits, clothing, guns, helicopters etc • Spawn select • Keycard Bunkers • ATM Robberies • Custom Bank Robbery mission • Custom Anzio 20mm • 60+ Vehicles (including helicopters with gunner seat and fully functional tank!) • Sleeping bag respawn • Mystery Box • Custom Scripts • Care package • KOTH • + Lots more Come check us out and see what you think for yourself! We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions feel free to get in contact on our Discord
  19. Doozy2k — Today at 9:18 PM Welcome to FallenKings! FallenKings is a new and fun community! We have our server out in its beta now for all of you to come play and a fun safe place to call home! We offer a lot of cool stuff. From Vehicles, Weapons,Clothing/Armor,Custom spawn gear AND clothes. Last but not least custom traders that have never been seen before! ( Our server information is in our discord or search for us on your launcher FallenKings) MODS *Mortys Guns *Rev *SNAFU *Keycards *Clouds Military Gear *CarePackages/KOTHS *LOADS OF CUSTOM CARS *Renegade Armor/Clothing *Helis *BPP Building *Unlimited Stamina Along with so many more amazing mods!! Come join us https://discord.gg/R8gTtdu2cr First 20 people to join get a custom role in our discord and a small starter base kit
  20. ! PVP+E HIGH LOOT FULL CARS & TRUCKS SPAWN STARTING GEAR 30MINS NIGHT NO RAIN Dayz 1.19 PVP+PVE 24 Slots CHERNARUS HUMVEE BUNKER LOOT 5x PS4/PS5 Chernarus Casltes as bases rent apartment's safezone Boosted food 5x Boosted loot Build anywhere Infinite stamina Trucks spawn with building supplies Starter gear at every spawn location Seasonal events Cars spawn with guns & food Base raiding 24/7 Suggestion channel 2 hour restart Events alway being added Factions Custom weather no rain 30 minute nights Killfeed PVP leaderboard Bounties Guns with attachments spawn Pristine Discord trader items spawn every restart Giveaways Base alarms Earn credit just for playing Friendly admins UK Server with players from every corner of the Everyone welcome, Come Join Us Jackal.Gaming https://discord.gg/Qv58JKcQ3W https://discord.io/JackalGaming
  22. NHC REVELATIONS - Slots:32 - XBOX (Brand new DayZ server, apart of the AAAEXP and NewHopeCity RP family.) • PvP 24/7 with limited raiding. • Weekend raid times. • Loot is 3x boosted. • Active and helpful staff. • Donator store with balanced rewards. • Discord economy with bank for trader. • Custom loot distribution, no useless items. • Staff operated trader. • Factions. • Useful modded items added. • Killfeed and Bounty Hunters. • Leaderboards and Heatmap. • 30 minute nights. • Weapons spawn with mags. • Inland and coastal spawns. • Extra helicopter crash site spawns. • Boosted wild animal spawns. • Train Wrecks. • Unlimited stamina. • Build anywhere enabled. https://discord.gg/At8PgSHd
  23. Takistan Modded Server Discord:https://discord.gg/5CWcy2wQ * TakistanPlus * CustomAreas * CustomSkins * BBP * MSP * MMG Gear * Events * Expansion * Active Admin Team * BreachingCharges * Rebalancing of Dmg * Base Building Plus (Gate and Door raiding only) * Spawn Selection * Trader Safe zones & Black Market & Drug Dealer * Unlimited Stamina * KillFeed * Airdrops * KOTH * Drugs * And more waiting for you to experience!
  24. This is "<>PVPtm |Battle for Kumyrna|" a full modded server with a start in a small map PvP zone within the ruins of Kumyrna. This isn't your grandma's PvP zone. This is a unique experience within the walls of the ruins, and you will find both PvP and PvE elements to peak your interest and spook you to your core. Join in and you can enjoy doing what you want - join the PvP fighting, build a base, meet up with some friends, or participate in events! This server has a little of everything! Current Season Event Notes - The PvP zone is set up differently from normal loot spawns. There is sneaky placement of loot on the grass, in rubble and body piles, in bushes, and on top of surfaces. This gives the impression that the area was abandoned and really makes the experience more fun, because if you camp a spot you'll miss out on prime loot in other areas. There is a mist effect set in onto the battlefield and a gas zone that will require you to search the area for NBC gear and masks to enter safely into. Zombies and animals will spawn in and around the zone randomly to ensure that there is always action within the zone. Always watch you back! If you die you will respawn in the PvP zone no matter where you are at on the map. You can gear up easily and make your escape attempt to return to the normal server. There are 16 spawns in total. Normal server notes: Loot is balanced and updated regularly. Guns come with attachments, ammo and food are abundant Cars are everywhere and have full attachments Visit Zhaba Town just outside of Novaya Petrovka if you'd like to stock up on some goods. We have a fully stocked store, a functional hotel with gates and lockpicks, a mechanics shop, a police station, a hospital, a radio station, a building material barn, a church, and several additional things to explore. Additionally we have a building material barn right outside Chernogorsk. Look for the bonfire and bear riding the tractor We aren't looking to be the biggest or the best, but we are looking to be one of the most polished servers you can join. We want you to be able to join and have a little fun or meet up with a friend to start some real PvP action. There are plenty of high pop servers out there that will offer you a plethora of different DayZ experiences, but none like this! TLDR - "<>PVPtm |Battle for Kumyrna| " - No Rules/Full Cars and Guns/Custom Spawns/Supply Town and Building Material Locations/Perisistant Heli Crashes/High Wildlife Pop
  25. Brand new server, pvp ,kos ,slightly boosted loot, raid weekends, lootable Graves, 32 slot, great admin, fun community, discord casino, giveaways, full trucks and cars, build anywhere, helis, bonfires, give it a try!!!