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Found 1 result

  1. WAI Version 2.2.0 (Latest on GitHub as of posting) World: Chernarus Mods: @Epoch1061 Installed add-ons InfinStar, Map Edit and Addition Custom loot files No Problem description Wicked AI Mission will spawn, but any other Custom Spawn does not appear to work, despite numerous tries and attempts to fix it. What I have tried so far - In config file: static_missions = false; // use static mission file custom_per_world = true; // use a custom mission file per world and reverted from either one true/false, to both true, to both false and have made this change several times - Starting with both clean dayz_server.pbo and DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus - Tried both with admin plugin and with a clean server. The RPT shows WAI Missions starting, and I can confirm in-game they are, but for some reason no other AI will spawn. I see a missing ';' at line 247 of the same file this in the RPT as well, but for the life of me cant see where I missed the expression. I attempted to attach the Customsetting.Sqf but the forum will not let me....