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Found 1 result

  1. My server is going to wipe in a few weeks, and I thought it'd be a pretty cool way to make this visible, and make it obvious to all the new players that wander in, is to start up the Extinction Server countdown on it. So a few questions: How do you even set a SurvivalServers ARK server as an extinction server? Generally you add ?ExtinctionEventTimeInterval=2592000 (replace the number with a number of seconds) to the command line, but I can no longer even find how to get to the command line parameters. I think, once I've started it this way, the line NextExtinctionEventUTC=1468018304 will be added to my game.ini, only with the actual time of the imminent doom of the universe. After that, do I leave the command line parameter in place, or remove it? Is there any problem with doing this on an already running game? Is there any conflict between doing this and running The Center? Hoping someone else has tried some of these things, but if not, once I get an answer on the first one, I'll experiment (carefully, and with lots of backups) and post replies here for the reference of anyone else who wants to do it.