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Found 4 results

  1. I am new to running Rust server and need some help. The "custom launch parameters line" is limited to 256 characters I believe, but adding header image, seed number and seed size takes up most of that limit. How can I add a custom server description without having to worry about the 255 characters limit? I want to describe the server in more details. Is there like a file or something I can upload? Please guide me. Thanks in advance.
  2. I purchased a cluster server for Ragnarok. My friends and I wanted to transfer our survivors back and forth so we didn't have to level again. But whenever we try to "Join w/ Survivor" our characters on The Center get wiped completely and we still have to make new characters to play on Ragnarok. The server does load. Help?
  3. Wondering if possible and what files to download a player info, a players dino(s) then FTP it up to new server. Files, folders to for 1 player and dinos. If possible I could just write an app to copy player/dinos to new server Suggestions welcome
  4. Hey I just need help to find out a easy way to change max level character to 1000. When I trying doing it in the console in the modify server config, everytime i click on add a level two blank boxes comes up. the "how much xp you need" and how many engrams you should get. But it just takes a long time and i wish you the modifer would help a little more another thing I want is every time you go in a new level after level 100 it will take 25000+1000 and then level 101 25000+2000 and then level 102 would be 250000+3000 and after all that stuff at level 900 it would take so long time like 250000+800000. Is there a fast method to do these things? if so plz commend down below