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  1. Tried another restart today using [Procedural Experimental] - It returned the message (STAFF INTERVENTION LOCKED).
  2. Do you have A19 running on a server hosted at Survival Servers - how did you install it? and there's a couple of free barrels at the Holme Depot POI
  3. Well I tried that - Once again I got the message (STAFF INTERVENTION LOCKED) So, I'll wait and see what the staff do & then think about what to do next - tho - beginning to think a message in the news section or pinned here would be saving me and the "STAFF" involved in the intervention some wasted time.
  4. I tried resetting with [Procedural Experimental] in the dropdown & it locked up the server and a notice that Admins were looking at it . Next - I am going to reset with [Procedural Experimental] and prompt an update /validate via dropdown in control panel (going to delete my prefabs & data folders to make sure there is no scraps left over during install)
  5. If I reset the server using [Procedural Experimental] in the map drop-down will the new Alpha 19 version be implemented ?
  6. I've been trying to get a new map (8192x8192) to work, I've loaded this map into the 7DTD world editor,it runs and all the files in the Worlds folder look good. Uploaded to the Data/Worlds folder & edited the config to <property name="GameWorld" value="Wanderers In a Zombieworld"/> <property name="WorldGenSeed" value="asdf"/> <property name="WorldGenSize" value="8192"/> <property name="GameName" value="Wanderers-Save"/> When I start the server the status changes to "Started" - but battlemetrics.com show it as offline & a refresh of the control panel page confirms this PS. This is how I uploaded the map I am playing now Any Ideas
  7. When you restarted the server did you press the green bar - I did that a couple of times before I realized it writes the config input from that page. Try the little buttons top right on control panel - that's what fixed it for me