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  1. Hello all! We have a new server that we are using from Nitrado and plan on adding in more for a massive cluster! Our server is PVP and are looking for more survivors to join! Our stats are slightly boosted to keep the balance of the game. Currently the only map we have is the island and plan on expanding to different maps once we have more survivors in the server. Boosted stats: XP: 5x Taming Speed: 6x Harvesting: 5x Egg hatch: 10x Baby mature and cuddle: 10x Per Level: Weight: 2x Health and Melee: 1.5x We are willing to change stats around to make improvements on the server by simply starting a voting system. Again, these are all slightly boosted to keep the overall fairness and balance of the game, but also make the game not as grindy as it already is. Any questions? Message RobinhoodXXVII. Hope to see you all on the server! Server name: OlympusIsland