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  1. So i'm trying to turn off structure damage or make it so dinos do basically NO damage to them. Structure Resistance Multiplier is the closest thing to a setting i can find out of the server settings to achieve this, being that it "Changes how much structures can resist damage". However, even though i currently have it set to 100000, i built a test base and had a dino hit it. To my dismay, everything in it and the house itself was demolished in one hit from a steggo. Currently a PVE server, just a couple friends playing in a small server. No need to worry about player attacks, just dinos.
  2. Oh cool. Ill try that out and see. Thank you Capps! If it continues ill take it into consideration to submit a ticket.
  3. Hey all, I'm just curious if anyone has any thoughts or answers as to why SurvivalServers take 15-20ish minutes to restart? Background: I rented a server from *other server company*, i think like, 9 months ago. Played on it for a few month. Stopped playing because life. Fast Forward to today, My girlfriend is renting a server now for us and she likes SurvialServers. And where we are! When i was running my server from *other server company* i had roughly 20 mods installed with it, could have up to 60 people on it, and every restart took roughly 3-4 minutes. Not long at all id s