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  1. Every time I enter the CAPTCHA correctly, it comes back ans says it was incorrect. The above picture shows the exact same text in both boxes. And it came back that the CAPTCHA text did not match.
  2. The CAPTCHA at the bottom is continually incorrect. I have tried 20 or more times. I have typed the letters in all caps and tried in lower case. Did you design it to fail to prevent people from creating support tickets?
  3. They updated the version on the PS4, but SurvivalServers has not updated their version. I can no longer locate any of my servers either. Until SurvivalServers update their version, the game is unplayable.
  4. I can't get into any of my servers because of this. They don't even show up on the list.
  5. I shut the server down for a night. It is now at 1248.
  6. I keep getting a 9999 ping in the server list. Random stalls and disconnects in game. I stop and start the server, and most of the time it does not solve the problem. Has anyone else had a 9999 ping? I live 30 miles from the server farm BTW.