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  1. Ok so every once in a while the mod is dropped from the server files. This is still happening. Ryan...how do I manually upload mod and stop the server from reuploading the mod files every reset? Also no other servers that run this mod on different providers has this problem. I checked with the Emberlight Mod team and checked funcomm servers...something on the provider side is causing this issue from what I have been told.
  2. So I just rented a server 2 weeks ago and have so far had 2 problems with it. The first problem was an emberlight mod issue that apparently is known and there is no known fix according to these forums. The different technicians that finally answered my support ticket suggested moving my server to a different IP and it should fix the problem. Ok done, it only took 4 days of back of forth with them to finally get the issue resolved. (crossing fingers). That was two or three days ago. Tonight I was sent messages from folks on my server that the server was kicking all players out and would not let them log back in. Once they logged back in some players were naked in the desert. As of right now it has happened six times and one with me on it. No advance warning, no disconnect warning just kicked out of my server that I am paying money for and back to the main screen of Conan Exiles. I, of course submitted a ticket, but if last time is any indication it will take a while to fix this issue or even give me an answer as to why this is happening. 24/7 tech support? Maybe 24 hours a week 7 days a month. Meanwhile because of the issues of course I have lost players on my server. I am putting this in hopes that someone in management will see it and know that the service being provided is inadequate. Please help.
  3. I had the same issue for my server. Server recommended moving to a different IP address to fix the issue. So four days after the issue was reported and numerous back and forth it was done. Now it seems to be working. Now there is another issue with server kicking all my players out including me. Not sure if they are related but 2nd issue in the two weeks I have been with this provider.