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  1. I can't RCON either but here was the link for the RCON Check your configuration\cosolesettings.cfg for your RCON port and password. https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://www.reignofkings.net/downloads/RemoteConsole.zip
  2. 4KGamers

    Admin commands

    Try these out even though they are ROK commands they work in Heat - 'codehatch.command.help' - 'codehatch.command.util.ping' - 'codehatch.command.admin.notice' - 'codehatch.command.admin.registry' - 'codehatch.command.admin.kick' - 'codehatch.command.admin.ban' - 'codehatch.command.admin.mute' - 'codehatch.command.admin.whitelist' - 'codehatch.command.admin.permissions' - 'codehatch.command.admin.shutdown' - 'codehatch.command.admin.config' - 'codehatch.command.admin.config.edit' - 'codehatch.login.ignore.playerlimit' - 'codehatch.login.ignore.playerqueue' - 'codehatch.command.debug' - 'codehatch.debug.buildreport.send' - 'codehatch.debug.buildreport.reply' - 'codehatch.debug.buildreport.others' - 'codehatch.ui.chat.colors' - 'codehatch.security.enabled.toggle' - 'codehatch.blocks.build' - 'codehatch.ping.kick.immunity' - 'codehatch.reporting.players' - 'codehatch.reporting.players.request' - 'codehatch.reporting.players.submit' - 'codehatch.reporting.players.immunity' - 'rok.fairplay' - 'rok.command.chat.me' - 'rok.command.chat.imitate' - 'rok.command.chat.guild' - 'rok.command.chat.local' - 'rok.command.chat.yell' - 'rok.command.chat.whisper' - 'rok.command.health.suicide' - 'rok.command.health.heal' - 'rok.command.health.heal.others' - 'rok.command.health.nourish' - 'rok.command.health.nourish.others' - 'rok.command.health.hydrate' - 'rok.command.health.hydrate.others' - 'rok.command.health.stophunger' - 'rok.command.health.stophunger.others' - 'rok.command.health.stopthirst' - 'rok.command.health.stopthirst.others' - 'rok.command.admin.news' - 'rok.command.admin.godmode' - 'rok.command.admin.godmode.others' - 'rok.command.help.list' - 'rok.command.items.give' - 'rok.command.items.give.others' - 'rok.command.items.giveall' - 'rok.command.items.giveall.others' - 'rok.command.items.clear' - 'rok.command.items.clear.others' - 'rok.command.teleport' - 'rok.command.teleport.origin' - 'rok.command.teleport.coord' - 'rok.command.teleport.user' - 'rok.command.teleport.usertouser' - 'rok.command.teleport.usertocoord' - 'rok.command.pos' - 'rok.command.environment.time' - 'rok.command.environment.weather' - 'rok.command.objects.killall' - 'rok.command.objects.killbytype' - 'rok.command.objects.killbyblueprint' - 'rok.command.objects.butcher' - 'rok.command.objects.security' - 'rok.command.ui.switchlayout' - 'rok.command.ui.popup' - 'rok.command.ui.question' - 'rok.command.admin.serverfps' - 'rok.command.admin.pageall' - 'rok.command.admin.fly' - 'rok.command.admin.videofly' - 'rok.command.ui.nametag.show' - 'rok.command.ui.nametag.hide' - 'rok.command.ui.menu' - 'rok.command.ui.hud'
  3. If you are using your Game Server FTP credentials and it doesn't connect you need to fill out a ticket.- Gety your server info from your sspanel FTP DetailsIP/Host: Port: 21 User: ssblahblahblah Pass: yourpassword Open FileZilla ,click on File in upper left corner, then SiteManager , NewSite , Name It , Put your IP from above in the Host Box , Use drop down box on logon Type , Choose Normal , Then add your UserName and Password , Click OK. Navigate to ServerSettings.cfg ,right click Edit , Make changes ,Click save.Popup box should appear asking if you want to save to server.---If you can't connect then submit a ticket Alternatively you could just use SurvivalServers's Restart Interval in the SSPanel , Drop down box has many times to choose from 2,4,6,8,12,24 hrs or custom.
  4. I use FileZilla and Notepad++. You FTP to your server then right click and edit your .cfg file then save changes. You should get a popup box asking if you want to save the changes to your server via filezilla..
  5. 4KGamers

    How to set admin

    Here is the link to the permissions on steam....unfortunately I have not been able to login to my own server to even try it out. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=551218314&insideModal=0 They show you how to modify your permissions.cfg or there is a way to add in game using commands I really like this "Modifying the the File While the Server is Running It is possible to modify the permission file while the server is running. You simply make any changes to the file then in-game type /permission reload and it will load any changes to permissions on the server."
  6. I guess I will do the same.....haven't been able to login server at all today.
  7. I have not been able to FTP to change my server settings,add admins or look around to see what there is to change or customize. I have tried the serversetting.cfg link, I have tried to FTP using filezilla. I also see you guys have a MisRCON and that does not connect either. Is this not available yet ?