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  1. Just had the heads up from a support ticket reply, that the servers should be fixed shortly. Just the final copy and updating of files on their side. Really helpful, and pretty upfront with info. So, two thumbs up to support on that one. Happy arks everyone
  2. Soooooo...anyone got anything, lol? The people on the server are pretty chill about it, but its not changing the annoyance of them asking every hour haha.
  3. Thankyou very much for your response! That is wonderful news also! Well, I suppose its time to start grinding the heck out of the Island, and send a ticket when ready! Thanks again, and have a good day!
  4. Hey guys, good afternoon. I did read over the forum to make sure I wasn't duplicating threads; and although some of my questions have been kind of answered, not all have. So, long story short, I'm new at this (clearly). I've wanted Ark for a long time, and finally got it! Definitely not disappointed!! Right away, the tether thing was an issue, so, server hunting we went! My questions are as follow 1. Can I switch maps (I want a wyvern lol!) , and bring my current character with me (with learned engrams)? I've seen two different answers of "yes" but both differ. One is to upload character/items/dinos to ob. and reload to new map. The other said to upload dinos/items/but not character. To leave it on current map, then change server settings and log in? Also, is it as simple as changing the map on server settings once that's all figured out? 2. I'm not overly concerned with switching maps again once on ragnarok. From what I've read, it's a pretty great map. The downside being the lack of Boss's for Tek. Which leads me to ask, should I stay on the island, and grind the bosses until I'm tek "ready" for the move? Assuming again, I can move this character. I'm not very interested in clustering, and only play with a few dedicated friends at a time, who would be with me for moving. I know its not feasible to switch maps back and forth. But how about that one time move? Thankyou for your time everyone! P.S. although not a huge concern, being able to transfer some items to new map would be lovely also, haha!