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  1. For anyone having trouble with Mod Mismatch: 1. restart your server, as a mod may have been updated recently since last restart 2. unsubscribe from all mods and resubscribe and start Ark (wait if something is downloading/installing) 3. if still not working contact support
  2. How to install a Mod: Write them in Mod ID(s) like this: 817096835,848706943,812655342 If you have Custom Launch Parameters enabled, add this to your line like this: ?GameModIDs=817096835,848706943,812655342 P.S.: sorry for the necro lol
  3. Only meat gathering seems to increase. Taming & grass/berry/wood gathering doesn't change.
  4. I did that but doesn't work..
  5. Essie314

    Multiplier Cap

    Is there a way to bypass the x3 multiplier cap of harvesting, exp, taming, etc. cuz I'd like to make everything x10.
  6. In /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WindowsServer you can change the timers of PvP time AutoPvPAttackStartDateTime=(PVPAttackDayOfWeek=Saturday,PVPAttackHour=0,PVPAttackMinute=0,PVPAttackSecond=0) AutoPvPAttackStopDateTime=(PVPAttackDayOfWeek=Sunday,PVPAttackHour=23,PVPAttackMinute=59,PVPAttackSecond=59)
  7. Also wondering how this works, for now I've tried putting them in /ShooterGame/Content/Mods, but doesn't seem to work
  8. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/6wftTp6 Website: Coming Soon Server IP: We also use mods, idk yet if they work.