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  1. Our arena events for Easter start today Hatch the egg !!! First to 5 wins ( not so easy when dinos are released during the game) We have 2 trek turret bases to give away plus massive packs of goodies Or play for lols Fertile eggs provided along with weapons and armour
  2. How do I boost the drops and crates ??? I want to add weapons and trek gear We have also finished the PVP arena Took a while and is modelled on a football stadium with corridors and hideouts etc We appreciate feedback on it as we try to get busy Currently called 7 kingdoms uk on ragnarok And any that fancy 1 v 1 can fight with any armour or weapons they choose given by admin We just wanna test it Teleport from Viking bay Survivor downloads and Dino allowed.
  3. Tips please Trying to join other servers for fun but can not seem to get my charectrr from survival servers to download on any others ? Is there a reason ? What settings are you all using ? I set my servers to allow up to 200 on a character Or do I need a server hosted with you ? If so how will I know Any help appreciated
  4. I have two maps up and cluster is set up If any one wants to cluster the cluster password is clusteruk2018
  5. Have sent both a message with PS4 name and cluster password
  6. I have 2 servers up both called uk PVP hosted by hydro on abberation and ragnorok and looking to cluster with others I am in rag all day or message here