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  1. i want to cluster, i got a 10 slot rag map but its a fresh wipe so i can change maps to whatever
  2. so can we? because not getting any responses here. from customers or staff either.
  3. i have an aberration server. I am looking for another admin who has maps besides aberration to cluster up with. perticularly ragnarok. anyone interested?
  4. staff? no reply? also i try to change the server admin password in gameusersettings and it does change it however the in game password that it accepts doesnt change. please help.
  5. i just want to enable other use as admin ingame
  6. i see an option for sub users to login. i want to add someone as an aditional admin on my server. but i also want them to be able to reboot the server if needed. if thats not possible i can still add them as admin users in the game right? i've never done that before.
  7. getting knocked off my server for timeout and can't rejoin. anyone else having these issues? it has been imtermittent since i signed up but now its just consistent. a ticket is open already since yesterday. i logged on once. was getting ready to switch to abberation and can't get my character uploaded because now i can't even logon. someone said it should be ready now to reply back if needed and i did, still waiting on a reply to that though. don't wanna "bump" and never get a response. just wondering if this is a common issue? I bought 6 months of this. and seeing as they give no refunds (wish I would have known that) I will no be renewing once it runs out. and if this is consistent I will completely abandon it and sign up with another company.
  8. so as for ftp, it is disabled for ps4 members due to intillectually property of sony? am i understanding that right? that would be really easy... just chmod the files in question and we couldn't read or write it from our ftp login. easy day.
  9. there is another question if i may. does the showmyadminmanager work for these servers? I can use it on single play mode. or my own console hosted session. but in game here doesn't work.
  10. or maybe view who is playing currently on my server when i am away.
  11. is FTP access available? for example to view the log file? im assuming use my ftp client to server:21 ? i don't really see much help on this refering to ps4 ark on here. id like to view my adminlogs though if nothing else. or maybe configure them and what they log.
  12. New server up and needing new players. Server will be PVE. looking to setup an RPG game style. Only 4 players so far but need more as everyone isn't always on at the same time. will upgrade slots as needed. server slightly boosted. main boost is player weight and dino weight which isn't insane... just makes it easier to gather materials. we will need tribes to establish thier towns. Will be establishing a heirarchy as tribes join. kingdom>empire>regional>tribal>solos thats the chain of command. will be later intriducing a community center where you can purchase dinos or trade dinos or items securely via in gae moderator such as admin. arena battles such as tame vs. tame or player vs player. will later establish kingdom rules, regions determine thier rules, tribe thiers etc. but can't override the chain above them. locals vote on thier own laws. and thier govering bodies thier own laws and so on. so in the end players decide what happens. NO ADMIN ABUSE!!!!! I am the ONLY admin and that i can promise. also no jerk will come on the server and just wipe everyones stuff out trying to be an outlaw. if that gets out of hand i will deal with it. BUT that being said some peopel will choose to play as outlaws... and thats why we will need police and bounty hunters. bounties can be set tribally or regionally or even map wide depending on who puts the bounty up. anyways feel free to add me on PSN:daemox and join my server (Arkpocolypse) PCUnofficial>the island>PVE hope to see you soon!
  13. i see people advertising in ps4 forums about things like in game currency and banking systems and events, and floating banks etc. how is this possible? does my ark server here (ps4 of course same as thiers) support this? is it just a matter of values? any steer in the right direction will be greatly appreciated. also... im not afraid of building something myself. oh anotther thing they got is custom quests. thanks!
  14. when subscribing it said access to any/all mods. I was really hoping to explore this option. 1. ARE THERE mods available for the ps4 ark servers? and 2.should I have instead got the pc server? (still unclear on whether or not ps4 players can join pc servers and vice verse) thanks dae