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  1. IP Address: Slots: 30 Server Type: Full PvE Location: UK Based Discord: https://discord.gg/JCcyrYS PC Only About US -------- We would like to invite and welcome all players to Pure Gaming UK. Freshly wiped modded server completely reworked from ground up. Active staff members working on the server to make your experience and performance better everyday. If you're looking for new adventures, challenges and friendly community - check out our Hard Core Chernarus map [PvE / PC] | Expansion | Custom builds around the map | Airdrops | Black Market | Base Building. Events on custom build arenas with unique prizes. * Full PvE Server. * AdvancedBanking || Economy || 15k Starting Money. * Mid level loot around the world. * Black market. * Drugs. * Custom Cars || Land-Rover-Defender || Hummer_H2 || CJ187-Cars || CJ187-Cars. * MuchStuffPack || WindstridesClothingPack || Gas Masks Only || Cl0ud's Military Gear || Ores And Gems. * FlipTransport || CabinZ || Summer_Chernarus || Airdrops || SNAFU Weapons || Advanced Weapon Scopes || CannabisPlus || Mightys Military Gear || Tactical Flava || ToFu Virtual Storage || CabinZ || ZenVirus || Treasure. * Garage || Gold Bars & Gems || KillReward. * No Car Damage. * Unlimited Stamina. * Zombie Missions with loot.
  2. Hey everyone we would like to invite you to our dayz standalone pve server. Server Address: Discord: https://discord.gg/JCcyrYS We regularly run Server Events including, Custom Weather System ( Our player base LOVES this one) Why not join us on Event nights for our Road and rally races, with Fabulous in game cash and item Prizes! You don't need anything to join, we supply your vehicles for the event. Just join our discord,(linked above) and let us know you are racing and we will get you all set! We have Missions that will get you geared up, You only need protective mask..... but the loot is worth it! We also have a Black Market, You get more Cash for ALL weapons, but it's a dangerous place to go! WE also have a nice safe all-in-one Trader Custom Spawn Points, Vehicles and High Value Airdrops that attract Wolves!!! Custom Start Load outs, and Very Active Helpful Staff at hand. See you on Pure GamingUK! PvE Server Only! No Base Raiding Bridges to prison & skalisky island Improved Kill Feed. Cars++ Build Anywhere. Increased Loot. Harder Zombies. Custom VMC/NEAF and many other custom areas. Friendly Admins. A few main mods we use Advanced Banking. Disease Injectors. InventoryPlusPlus. MuchStuffPack FlipTransport Garage Tombstone PVEZ Radiation Zone CannabisPlus SQUAD MSF-C Arma Weapon Pack MunghardsItempack CPBWeapons Dmns Vehicles Redux Modular Vest System Land-Rover-Defender MedicalAttention BMW VeeDub Lt Inventory Move Sounds BaseBuildingPlus Summer_Chernarus Note: Ask one of our staff for your basic starter kit, to help you get established on the server. just tell them you are from survivalservers.com and they will sort you out.