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  1. Overlock Gaming is a small circle of friends that wanted to create a fun and exciting PvE environment to play in as a group. A couple of us have sunk hundreds of hours into the game on other servers, but many of the members are brand new to ARK. We welcome players experienced and new to join us! The server went live on 2/7, so nearly the entire map is untouched with many prime locations available for building your base. Admins will only use admin commands to correct game breaking bugs or in response to a violation of the rules listed later in this post. We take honest gameplay seriously, and admin logging is enabled to assure users that admin powers are not abused. Server IP: Server Located in New York hosted by SurvialServers. Sever Settings Max Players= 40 Map= The Island XP Multiplier= 5x Harvest Amount= 5x Taming Speed= 10x Night Cycle= x3 Max Wild Dino level=180 Hatch Speed= 5x Baby Dino Maturation Speed= 10x Server Rules 1) Do not block caves 2) Do not block important spawns (metal/crystal/etc) 3) Harassment will not be tolerated Mods Structures Plus Pillars Plus Death Helper Pet Finder Meat Spoiler Poop n' Egg Collector Small Resources Stacks