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  1. Hello Everyone who Loves Ark Mods? I have a server idea that might just be to good to be true. A server with 30+ Mods within the Mod list that all work together! Starting January 13th 2017 of this next beautiful year! For more information Visit my brand new Facebook Community! https://www.facebook.com/Thatarknatives-Modded-Community-1341831149169071/ This page will be kept up daily and responds to Questions/Inputs about anything in Ark! This is a full-on Pvp server where trolling isn't viable. Anyone joining this world will have to work in order to advance but will still be able to quickly become powerful(within 1 week solo) enough to defend themselves. Raising Babies is Slightly Better with Consumption at .80 making it 20% less food they require. I also fixed Egg Hatch Speed along with Maturation to 5 as you can also tame wild babies! Mating interval is .75 making them bread 25% more often. Food Spoils in twice the time, it is okay there is 2 different spoilers within the 30+ mods Experience Points are easy at first with 5 times XP, Gathering is 8 Times so houses no problem, Taming is 5 Times(They Eat Faster Also) Crops are at 10 Times growth Rate making Kibble Viable, Also did .50 for their decay speed making them consume less. Laying Eggs for dinos is better .50 so 50% more eggs, right? or 2 times the Eggs (IDK) More Eggs though! Realistic feel by dead Bodies stay around way longer! Resources Respawn at .50 so twice as fast? I still don't get it but they come back quicker! Trees, Rocks, and Animals. Offline Raid Prevention on WEEKDAYS that is MONDAY 10 Am Pacific ALL the WAY Till Fridays 6 Pm Pacific Ark Says that Fridays shall be Weekends! All Dino stats are Basic Annunaki and the other Mods adjust leveling to approve offset to keep game challenging(I did Crafting Speed) Custom Recipes are 5 Times better then just eating berries cook them into meals works great at this rate! If you read this far you must be some what interested for more information go to https://www.facebook.com/Thatarknatives-Modded-Community-1341831149169071/ I will be inputing all information about server by January 1st 2017 So that everyone can see the fun in advance! I don't have an actual name for server yet I will update this post when me and my comrade figure out a potential name as I literally just rented this server!