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  1. I cant stress enough how no admin will build/destroy anything on this server. We want the more fair game we can make. The server is still new and growing in numbers. It will not be wiped for quite some time. You will see end game and some!! Please come check it out! WipeToday|PVP|1G1XP2T|NO Admin Tribe|Infinity Server
  2. Admins, All of you know how hard it is to start a new server and get members to join. Some of you were lucky and the server is still active, and some are not. Some of you have created servers for power, while others just want a fair server. Well, this is what I have tried to do with my new server. It will have ZERO admin interaction on the server. There will be NO admin tribe. I want a 100% fair server! All of you must know how hard it is to start, and so i'm asking you for your assistance with a new server. To that end, I'm asking you to please join. I would love nothing more than to have you bring your friends and/or tribe to our shared server. Another option is just put the word out to your friends who are looking for a very fair and no exploit server! If you can not play or just don't want to play, then PLEASE just join the server and be idle. I need 20+ people to join the server before it makes it to the top of the server list, which will help me start to get random players to join the server. Thanks for reading, and I honestly hope to see you online!! WipeToday|PVP|1G1XP2T|NO Admin Tribe|Infinity Server Custom Settings: -Primitive Plus v1.1 -Player lvl 100 -Food/Drink is .9 -1.1Day .9Night -100 structures on platforms/raft There is just 2 rules to follow on the server 1. Do not cheat or exploit. If caught, it's an instant ban! If you see this happen, you must have a screenshot. 2. You can NOT build DOWN on a Quetzal platform. You can build whatever you want, but it must not be down!
  3. If its a P+ server then apparently you can not change a lot about the game! https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/15/353916584666802166/
  4. OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_Saddle_Quetz_Platform_C",EngramIndex=0,EngramHidden=True,EngramPointsCost=50000,EngramLevelRequirement=80,RemoveEngramPreReq=False) Im on P+ and I want to remove all exploit items... IE... Fermentation, Deadfall, FishTrap and Quetz Platform. Above is the example im working with. I move those changes to GameUserSettings.ini and it is overriding my file with a new one back to the default settings!