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  1. Easy enough. Just turn your Max Platform Saddle Structures Limit to 30 or so. Another way is to drop your Per Platform Max structure Multiplier to something lower than 1.
  2. I've tried forcing the update too and it's not working.
  3. New patch totally %^$^$% the server up. All flier fell through base and lost saddles. Platforms totally glitch. DO NOT UPDATE
  4. So if we update the server to the new map all structures will carry over to the new map?
  5. Yes, of course. That was how I started to realize there was a problem. I'm confident there is a bug somewhere, I just don't know if it's the the admin toolset provided by survivalservers or Ark. Still trying to track down what variable exactly is causing the Quetz to fail to spawn.
  6. Hey all, I've been experiencing a bug on my server that's been driving me crazy. If I change the spawn rates of any dino in my configuration file the Quetz refuse to spawn. I mean zero. Even if I change the spawn values of Quetz to a higher number the Quetz still won't spawn. If I select the radio button "Default" in the configuration manager instead of custom, the Quetz will spawn. The only other value I see that may have an impact is that my Dino count multiplier is set to .8 to help with lag. The only reason I have started using a custom Dinosaur Spawn Configuration is because I want to remove Brontos from my server because griefers like to lag the server with the Bronto exploit. I would just leave the spawn values alone otherwise. Has anyone heard of anything like this?