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  1. Prime time seems to be in the evenings US central standard time but join any time and start building!
  2. Server updated. Upcoming server maintenance will be posted on our steam community page.
  3. Server IP and Port Join us by clicking this link and then clicking join server (must have steam open) Precarious is a new PvP server, unmoded to offer a challenging game environment for all players. Regular updates and full server backups on a solid dedicated server make it a stable server worth playing on. Join PreCarious and start your legendary story today! 10x taming, 5x experience, 5x gathering Server Rules: 1. Build anywhere except the chasm 2. Raid at any time Everything else goes Features: Scorched Earth Map 10x Taming 15x Mature, hatching, imprinting 5x Experiance 5x Gathering Level difficulty increased High end server hosting Note: Server owner does not log in as administrator, only via control panel to keep things fair, post on forums to contact him. Link to community steam page http://steamcommunity.com/groups/precarious Need help joining via the IP/port method? 1 - Open steam 2 - Click view in the top left corner 3 - Select servers 4 - Click on favorites tab 5 - Click add servers on the bottom right. 6 - Copy and paste the address in the box that pops up: 7 - Either click on the newly added address and press connect button on the bottom right or open ark and it will be in your favorites filter! Up vote us!