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  1. Asablod Gaming is now hosting an Ark Survival Evolved dedicated server! (PvE/PvP) Open 24/7! Located in Sweden but open for all! Invite needed - ! Server-setup + Rates 1x Everything + Day 0.7 / Night 1.9 + Everything else is stock! Minor things can be tweaked as we go along! Every now and then we will setup small boosts as an event-like thing! Rules # 20 years and older (to keep it fairly mature)! # NO griefing! If you kill someone then move along! Inventory stays! # Unconsious (offline players) in bases are not free kills or free loot! # NO offline campraiding! Triberaiding is done fairly! Griefing of ANY kind WILL lead to instaban! # Volcano is for everyone so no base there! # Unused huts you demolish. We want stuff to grow back! # And remember - NO GRIEFING! We dont tolerate it! Lets all have a happy time! Might add more rules..