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  1. The server in question is an official server so I am unable to utilize console commands like that
  2. I'm sorry Patrick that you're the only one searching these boards.. I'm sure you guys are busy but you could always use more reps and mods to deal with the negative feedback and simple issues like these.
  3. When you're a tribe of one.. On a PvE server, you can easily waste hours of gameplay. If you create a tribe, store things into containers, and leave the tribe. You lose access to the containers and have no way of regaining the objects inside. If you were on a PvP server, you could easily just break the boxes, however on a PvE server you don't have that option. I placed a ticket to try and get this taken care of but haven't had a response or verification. There needs to be a way to combat this in a non PvP environment. Please help