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  1. I added you on steam. So just accept it.
  2. I sent you a friend request on steam. Accept it then I can help you there. Also, don't forget to restart your server.
  3. it should be owner 76561198122004255 paste that into command.dat file inside Server Folder. This will make you permanent admin on that server as long as that line stays in command.dat Another way to be admin is by creating a group in Permission.xml and adding commands(admin commands) that only that said group can use. Here's this site's guide on how to do just what I said: https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1769-adding-yourself-as-admin-with-rocket-for-unturned-server/
  4. You should be able to connect to your server console via rcon--check your Rocket.config.xml file for rcon port. Or you can add "owner <yoursteamID>" in the Command.dat file.
  5. Why don't you do /admin <steamID> on your server console?
  6. I think it will be a great service addition. Many client will appreciate if MySQL is added since there are numerous great Rocket plugins(uconomy, zaupshop, light, etc.) that requires Mysql. Using external mysql will most probably add lag spikes to the server. Giving one database(unli tables) per server should be enough. It shouldn't put a burden to your servers. Please reconsider adding MySQL.
  7. Post your error here. Also, you have to add your Unturned server IP to your mysql whitelist.
  8. A lot of rocket plugins/mod are utilizing Mysql database now. It would be really nice to see a database service for unturned.
  9. bought new server also. Server wont come online. Please fix.
  10. Anyone have an issue on their server/s about players getting disconnected after destroying objects? It is really annoying since players can't do any raids smoothly without being disconnected. It's hard to trace the problem since the logs doesn't generate any errors. It will just say that a player disconnected.