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  1. Im in TX my server is located in Dallas,Tx which is amazing for connection. But for the last little bit when i restart my server the time is 2 hours off my current time. ie today 12-6-2015 i restarted my server at 8:04am but the server said last restart was 12-06-2015 at 6:02 am. Just curious why its running on West Coast time when my server is in Dallas.
  2. Any idea on when they will be implemented? they are on the control panel and i changed them but the changes arent showing in game.
  3. Different provider it was CheapArkServers and the service was horrible. My level was no where near the same lol. max for my new server (Survival Servers) is 85 i believe, on the other one i had the Game.ini modified to make max level 255.
  4. Thank you for looking into this for me, Also there my be an issue with character downloads. I downloaded my character from my other server i just stopped renting. When i uploaded the character he had 700 carry weight and 300 craft speed and 186 movement. When i downloaded him on my new server he had 9100 carry weight, 4100 craft speed and 3086 movement speed lol. something i did wrong or ??? lol thanks for the help with the other issue sir.
  5. So i have my gather set at 20x and it is only at 5x. XP is correct havent tamed yet so not sure but everything else time of day and what not seem to be right except gather. I used the drop down and double checked the game.ini file they both reflect the same thing. any info would be great. Sorry for the 2 noob posts lol
  6. what will this do if left blank? Unlimited levels?
  7. So when i try to favorite my server IP in the steam client it says server isnt responding. When i go to my control panel it says Started in green and ready in blue. what am i doing wrong?