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  1. New PvPvE server is now live, featuring the beautiful Volcano map! Come and join our small community and help it grow! Info: Server: Mythic Volcano|x25|PvPvE Ip: Discord: What we are all about: Full-time job/studies, parent or just enjoying life and don't have 8hrs a day to dedicate to a game? We want to offer a balance of building, fighting and community activities. Log on, have some fun and don't stress out. Server setup: 1. Harvest, Experience & Tame: x25 2. Map: The Volcano 3. Base raiding is allowed but no griefing! 48hrs raid cooldown on a base. (Players can break into a base and steal from other players but destroying it is not allowed) 4. Boss fights, PvP skirmishes arena, group cave exploring and more events already happening & upcoming! 5. Main mods: S+, Bulk, StackMore, Reuse & more 6. Player lvl200, wild dino lvl240 (Difficulty 8) For more server details, please visit our steam page: Mythic volcano Ark Server See you on the other side!
  2. Bump! Come and join us for our first server event "brood Mother Face-off" this comnig weekend and get to know our server and community
  3. Bump! Our first server event has been finalized and posted! Come and join us and make sure your tribe is ready. Server Event details - Brood Mother Face-off We will be hosting weekly events after this one, so don't miss out on the fun! (We also provide server starter packs for any new comers) Click here for details!
  4. Bump! First week of server launch has been a success. Going into our second week even stronger! Don't miss out on the upcomnig events, come and join us!
  5. Bump So far we are off to a great start. Next week we will be launching our first event, details will be posted on our forums soon. Rewards will include end-game weapons/ammo to all participants and an alpha Trex to the winning tribe. Don't miss out! Check us out at: 24-7nexusgaming.enjin.com
  6. Yes, thank you as always. For the time being , configuring via FTP is working. Settings save fine and there is no server lag when manually changing/saving settings.
  7. Although I have been able to finally change the player level cap in the 'Modify server config', none of the settings actually change. I can't get anythnig to save and load up anymore.....and the lag is still there. I never had this issue until tonight, after resetting my settings to default. Now nothing I change saves and loads up. The map save I have still loads up, but no settings load with it. I have tried to edit it via ftp, and that also doesn't work. They are all marked as 0.000 for values, and there is no true/false for the other ones
  8. 20 tries later I finally got it to work. I am able to get past lvl78 and add lvls 79, 80, 81, and so forth.....except now my server is lagging like crazy. GG
  9. Everytime I try to add more levels to the player cap, it always starts at lvl 0 right after lvl78. I got it to work once but unfortunatley I had to make some changes. The only way I could make the changes was by resetting all my settings to default, since a delete option isnt available. Now I am no longer able to get lvl78+ as an option for my server.
  10. Bump! So far the server launch has been great Still tons of great strategic spots left to build on and events are being planned out for the next week
  11. ***Now with server starter pack*** Click here for details! Hey guys! Nexus gaming is happy to announce the launch of our Ark: Survival Evolved server. We are a group of dedicated gamers that love to PvP & PvE, but more importantly love to have fun! Our priorities are to provide a great gaming experience, listen to our player community, and keep griefers in check. Come check us out in-game: The Nexus | PvPvE | 5x XP - 5x Farm - 10x Tame | Also visit our forums for server details & rules: Nexus Gaming See you guys there. Happy hunting!