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  1. nc81

    Some help please

    Sorry, actually it's still doing this. Please help!
  2. nc81

    Some help please

    it seems to be working now, i'm new to all this. does DART need to be running and an admin logged in for the server to allow connections?? i logged in with my RCON and it now seems to be working
  3. nc81

    Some help please

    Just to add, The loading screen is below, eventually after about 5 minutes of it hanging at 25% the error message appears:
  4. nc81

    Some help please

    Hi guys, Just purchased a Epoch Server through Survival Servers and when i try and friends try to connect - we get to pick a slot then it goes to a black screen with the EPOCH logo and it says: EPOCH Starting Epoch Please Wait! And the loading bar doesn't go up past 25%... Can anyone help please? would really like to be able to connect to the server. Thanks