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  1. I am attempting to run a Bedrock Server (Windows 11) that will allow people outside my LAN to connect. I had it up and running, with all proper ports forwarded (19132 and 19133) and people were able to connect through my public IP just fine. However, I had to make a change to a different ISP. After changing ISP's, I attempted to reconnect to the server. I am able to connect through my LAN just fine, but no one outside the LAN is able to connect through the new Public IP. Here is a list of all the things I have done so far to fix the issue: I have changed the IP address to match the new public IP provided by the ISP I have checked all port forwarding and none of the ports changed between ISP changes. I have attempted to delete and re-do all Inbound and Outbound rules for Windows Firewall. When the new rules didn't work, I disabled all Firewall settings I did have a McAfee trial that ran out, so I did a full un-install of the software. I contacted my ISP and they assure me they have no blocks on their end to keep traffic from coming in. I also have seen that when I start up my server, there are two sets of IPv4 and IPv6 port numbers. The first set are always ports 19132 and 19133, but the second set always changes. Is there a reason for this? I've done all I know to do and need help so I can actually have people join my server from outside. Please let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!