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  1. That explains why my number was different than the others, I started my server after patch. It also means that I would have to add fifty more lines, each manually box by box, because ftp uploaded .ini get automatically replaced upon restart. I will not be using this server after this month. Shit show. They literally designed it to overwrite your ini and force you to use their website Config for every single value. Meanwhile the wiki that I read when deciding to try them out says specifically that you can upload .ini via ftp. So that is false advertising. Technically you can but it will be overwritten on restart. What a horribly designed company
  2. Wiki says you can upload .ini via ftp yet every single time I shut down, upload .ini files, restart (20 to 30 minute restart time) the file is overwritten by the previos saved settings in the dashboard. Needless to say I can't keep trying these excruciatingly long restarts and combined with the impossibility to Lvl past 70 no matter how many times I edit line by l8ne, box by box... i won't be using this service in the future... If someone could please help me anyway so I can actuality function during the remaining 30 days of my subscription that would be good.
  3. Yes I know this is submitted a lot but the answers didn't help me. The settings page has lines and values going to level 155 but I'm stuck at 70. The max exp override is set to the same number as level 155. Do I need to create a new survivor for these settings to take effect? What am I missing? Also I would like to upload my own .ini via ftp but every restart it gets overwritten by the settings from the Config tool. It's it really Forcing me to manually add these player and dino levels line by line via the website dashboard? How do I get an ftp uploaded .ini to "stick"?