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  1. I was thinking about having spears as a melee weapon and spellbooks as a ranged weapon. These new spells would give all the expenses new spells. would give us a flaming orb spell, which would summon an orb of fire that would slowly go towards the enemy burning everything in its path. Another spell which would be a melee spell would be eruption which would summon a pool of lava around the cast and would move while the caster channels it. Summoning spells would be summoned dead would bring a player back from the dead. The melee spell would be safe teleport this the caster has to channel it as he will teleport friends to his base only will work if he is in the aura of the channel. range spell would be winter's sting would summon an orb that would fire at everything that got close to it or the caster if in the range—slowing movement speed. The melee spell for would be freeze which would freeze the target in place if hit. melee spell would regenerate health to players or creators if touched by the caster. range would be revived, which would well be revived. range spell would be nature's grasp, which would hold the target in place from afar. melee spell would be a thorny aura, which would damage enemies in the caster's aura. Dark would have a ranged spell called dark orb, which will drain hp to the enemies and heal the caster when it slowly moves towards the enemies. Dark melee spell would be the reaper's slash which will do damage but drain hp to the caster. range spell would be a slight shock from afar but turns into a giant explosion that hits others if they are close to the marked target. Static orb shocks enemies in melee range. Arcane would have a new range spell, which would turn mobs into rabbits. Arcan would have a forcefield to protect the cast from attacks until drain from mana. The new essence would be stone. This essence would have magician stone which hurls a stone encased in magic at the enemy. Parafaction would turn them to stone from afar. Stone fist would do a lot of damage in the melee range. Stun would smack them and stunning them from the melee range. They would have stone armor which would up the caster's armor. And grit, which would give the caster and friends more health. If anything, thoughts comment. Thank you.
  2. So, I have this idea to have a greenhouse for Cathedral: forged in fire. To make the greenhouse walls, you'll need to smelt two amethyst crystals and five rune crystals together to make an amethyst rune. These crystals are fully merged in magic. They will charge your sprinklers, so you don't need a mana generator or mana nodes. To make curved walls or the roofing,g you will need the Amethyst runes and two precious stones. The glass-like walls will look purplish with a blue burning effect, almost like the arcane tower. The Amethyst rune will look like a crystal, but the bottom will be purple, and the top will glow blue. If anyone has questions or reactions, please comment.