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  1. Update: I have now removed the Breeders Delight and Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator mods. My friend and I gathered some more resources and making gasoline in the Industrial forge, I noticed that neither the gasoline nor the metal ingots in there were stacking, so it must have something to do with the Ultra Stacks mod. That does not explain why the Eco mods stuff was disappearing though, nor the Classic Flyers totem I put down yesterday that disappeared (the newer one I put up is still there today).
  2. Hello! I run a server on Ragnarok with the following mods: 895711211 (Classic Flyers), 761535755 (Ultra Stacks), 1359946021 (Tranq This), 1762990691 (Breeders Delight), 554678442 (Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator), 1404697612 (Awesome Spyglass), 741203089 (Eco's RP Decor), 880871931 (Eco's Garden Decor). The main issue we had is items disappearing. Before this happened we've had an issue of Wyverns overspawning due to the Classic Flyers mod (a known issue), I doubt it's related but I'm mentioning it regardless. Both my tribe and the other tribe have lost pretty much all resources as well as the tranq table from the Tranq This mod, and the crafting tables and items made with Eco's RP Decor. Our dinos and all our structures are still there. Dinosaurs in cryo storage are still there. There are still some blueprints, scuba gear, and other items. Obviously we're eager to play again but worried about our items disappearing, as we can't figure out what's causing it. This is my first time hosting a server and I'm not familiar with most of the terminology. Any ideas are very welcome. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys! I recently set up an Ark server for me and my friends to play on. It's PVE and a chill place to hang out and meet new friends. It's not super busy and we'd be happy to let others join. We use the following mods: 761535755, 1359946021, 1762990691, 554678442 (Just some tranq, stacking, and breeding stuff, nothing too elaborate). Info and voice chat in my personal Discord: https://discord.gg/pp5mJ7AcxY If you have any questions let me know, hope to see you there!