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  1. I have my auto restarts set up via the "Custom Restart Config" in the server control panel, but there are no warnings coming up in game to alert my players of impending restarts
  2. DISCORD INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED HERE AS IT BECOMES AVAILABLE!! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SERVER IS NOT COMPLETE, AND IS SUBJECT TO WIPE PRIOR TO BEING COMPLETELY FINISHED. YOU MAY JOIN AND EXPLORE NOW, BUT IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO REFRAIN FROM BASE BUILDING, AS YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY(99.999% CHANCE) LOSE ANY PROGRESS YOU MAKE WHEN THE SERVER GOES COMPLETELY LIVE. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE, AND ENJOY YOUR STAY ON THE DCG DAYZ EXPERIENCE **DCG Server Features** Active, friendly, adult Admins(server is ran by adults, with previous successful server hosting/management experience) Dark nights, no player illumination and NOT Summer(be mindful of rain and night time temps.. It gets cold out there!!) PvZ Zombie Spawn System(Dynamic Zombie Spawning!!) PvZ Tweaked Zombies(New Zombie Behavior) Base Building Plus, much Decos, and many other base building/deco mods(totally enough to keep the builders busy!!) Build Anywhere, and No Base Destruction Unlimited Stamina Custom Vehicles/Weapons/Gear Base Spawns(respawn at your base(or wherever you choose) using a sleeping bag(currently implementing) Spawn Selection(choose where you spawn initially, and when you die(if you don't have a respawn point set) VanillaPlusPlus Map(with custom waypoints. Some are off by default) Flippable Vehicles, and No Vehicle Damage Trader/Banking system with ATM's, with a 15K starting balance!! Traders are located at Kumyrna and Green Mountain(with more to come. All traders are currenly being reworked, to make them unique to the DCG DayZ Experience. Prices subject to change without notice. Items are still being added, and economy being balanced) Treasure system in place(Keep your eyes out for photos lying about that could lead you to treasure!! Just be sure you have a shovel!!)) Customized Airdrops(currently schedule is customized. planning to add custom loot in the future) The focus of this server is solo/co-op style PvE Survival. We've added mods that reduce the grind, while keeping your aderanline going without the hassle and stress of PvP That being said this is not to be taken as a Casual experience. The dark nights with no player illumination are claustrophobic to say the least and the increased zombies(and dynamic spawning) means nowhere is really safe. All the starting gear is also custom. That meaning even tho you are at odds with our world. We do help you out at the start with one of 12(more to come) different Load-out possibilities. **LOAD-OUT POSSIBILITIES** Soldier(rare chance to spawn as Militia variant, with an AKM and BDU's) Paramedic(outfitted with medical supplies) Office worker(you just cashed your paycheck, so you have extra money to spend!) Biker( Hiker( Police Officer Lumberjack Thug( Fireman( Hunter( Farmer( **DCG SERVER RULES** No KOS. Less drama, happier community! No bases within 1000m of any Military bases or Traders Absolutely NO base raiding. This includes player vehicles and the items inside. You may defend your property with lethal force. This is only to be done once you can 100% confirm someone is stealing your items. (This includes if you get attacked) Immediately contact an admin in game or on discord and explain the situation. Vehicles and DayZ are unstable, you may have despawning issues. **Use at your own risk** There may be circumstances where we will replace a vehicle. But not always! If you and a friend want to switch characters and need to kill eachother to do it. Announce it in chat before doing so. (We have kill logs, chat logs and webhooks active at ALL TIMES) Build logs are also active. It will show who placed(or demolished) any base building item. In short, if you take down someone elses walls, we will know who did it, and when they did it. Removing walls(fences/doors/etc) is considered base raiding, and is an automatic ban. Loot Cycling of ANY kind will NOT BE TOLERATED. (Loot Cycling is picking up loot you don't want, and just dropping it so new loot spawns.) IT IS BAD ON SERVER PERFORMANCE. If you are caught, appropriate action will be taken. If you see evidence of loot cycling, please ping an @admin on the discord **Complete Mod List** - Community Framework Forever_Burning_Campfire VPPNotifications - Banking Gerphelius Zil-130 GAZ-3309 - Admin Pack GoreZ Airdrop-Upgraded - Base Fortifications InventoryPlusPlus Base Building Logs - BaseBuildingPlus Mass'sManyItemOverhaul Better Inspect - BetterBarbedWire MuchCarKey_V2 PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion - FIDOv PACK 4 MuchDecos PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion 2 - BuildAnywhere MuchDecos_Codelock BuilderItems - BulletStacksPlusPlus MuchStuffPack CannabisPlus - COCA's No Vehicle Damage Munghards Itempack Code Lock - Treasure OP_BaseItems Dayz Navigation - DayZ-Expansion-Chat PartyMe dbo_surfaces - DayZ-Expansion-Notifications Plus200_Home DisableBaseDestruction - Docs_Weapon_Pack_Standalone RaG_HummerRefresh Ear Plugs - Easy Signs Server_Information_Panel FlipTransport - SQUAD MSF-C Unlimited Stamina VanillaPlusPlusMap - VPPAdminTools WeaponReduxPack WindstriderClothing - ZeRoY Jeep Willis PvZmoD Spawn System zSpawnSelection - Trader Mod PvZmod Tweaked Zombies
  3. I've edited the serverDZ.cfg file countless times at this point, and can not get dark nights and no player illumination to work at all. anyone knows how to fix this problem, please help asap. Dark nights and no player illumination are key factors on my server. thanks in advance! hostname and admin password have been masked. no other changes have been made from the serverDZ.cfg that runs on my server hostname = "************"; // Server name password = ""; // Password to connect to the server passwordAdmin = "***********"; // Password to become a server admin maxPlayers = 50; // Maximum amount of players verifySignatures = 2; // Verifies .pbos against .bisign files. (only 2 is supported) forceSameBuild = 1; // When enabled, the server will allow the connection only to clients with same the .exe revision as the server (value 0-1) disableVoN = 0; // Enable/disable voice over network (value 0-1) vonCodecQuality = 7; // Voice over network codec quality, the higher the better (values 0-30) disable3rdPerson=0; // Toggles the 3rd person view for players (value 0-1) disableCrosshair=0; // Toggles the cross-hair (value 0-1) disablePersonalLight = 1; // Disables personal light for all clients connected to server lightingConfig = 1; // 0 for brighter night setup, 1 for darker night setup serverTime="SystemTime"; // Initial in-game time of the server. "SystemTime" means the local time of the machine. Another possibility is to set the time to some value in "YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM" format, f.e. "2015/4/8/17/23" . serverTimeAcceleration=12; // Accelerated Time (value 0-24)// This is a time multiplier for in-game time. In this case, the time would move 24 times faster than normal, so an entire day would pass in one hour. serverTimePersistent=0; // Persistent Time (value 0-1)// The actual server time is saved to storage, so when active, the next server start will use the saved time value. guaranteedUpdates=1; // Communication protocol used with game server (use only number 1) loginQueueConcurrentPlayers=5; // The number of players concurrently processed during the login process. Should prevent massive performance drop during connection when a lot of people are connecting at the same time. loginQueueMaxPlayers=500; // The maximum number of players that can wait in login queue instanceId = 1; // DayZ server instance id, to identify the number of instances per box and their storage folders with persistence files lootHistory = 1; // How many persistence history files should be kept by instance, number is looped over during save storeHouseStateDisabled = false;// Disable houses/doors persistence (value true/false), usable in case of problems with persistence storageAutoFix = 1; // Checks if the persistence files are corrupted and replaces corrupted ones with empty ones (value 0-1) respawnTime = 5; // Sets the respawn delay (in seconds) before the player is able to get a new character on the server, when the previous one is dead motd[] = {"Welcome to the server","Get your own DayZ server at SurvivalServers.com"}; // Message of the day displayed in the in-game chat motdInterval = 1; // Time interval (in seconds) between each message maxPing= 200; // Max ping value until server kick the user (value in milliseconds) timeStampFormat = "Short"; // Format for timestamps in the .rpt file (value Full/Short) logAverageFps = 1; // Logs the average server FPS (value in seconds), needs to have -dologs launch parameter active logMemory = 1; // Logs the server memory usage (value in seconds), needs to have the -dologs launch parameter active logPlayers = 1; // Logs the count of currently connected players (value in seconds), needs to have the -dologs launch parameter active logFile = "server_console.log";// Saves the server console log to a file in the folder with the other server logs enableDebugMonitor = 0; //shows info about the character using a debug window in a corner of the screen (value 0-1) steamPort = 8017; steamQueryPort = 8018; // defines Steam query port, should fix the issue with server not being visible in client server browser class Missions { class DayZ { template="dayzOffline.chernarusplus"; // Mission to load on server startup. <MissionName>.<TerrainName> }; };