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  1. I added the plugins dll to my server but now how do I get them to load in so I can get to the kit.config. Do I start the game then exit or what, all the videos show them launch unturned short cut which looks like Command Prompt
  2. Go back to the Unturned folderNow click go into the Servers folder and go into your Server name folder. Don't mind the other 4 9Apps files, just click commands.dat
  3. This happened with me too. It's quite common with the type of server this forum is on.
  4. From what I understood 0 doesn't allow them to be changed and 1 would allow it. And I think you adjust the chatrandom multipliers indvidually in other lines. I dont have any other lines because I didnt change anything, only turned it off. I could be wrong and hopefully someone will explain if I am. This did fix my nordvpn game though so I thought I would share.
  5. I am a windows user, but only because I have hundreds of games downloaded on my second disc. I tried switching to Linux one time by dual booting my C drive and keeping most of my games, mainly steam games, on my D drive. I ran into a problem though, when I launched steam through my linux OS, and that is all the games are downloaded and installed for Windows. hostgator smallpdf