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[PC] Odyssey 5XP/6X Harvest/8X Mating,Hatch,Mature Valguero/Extinct Cluster

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Odyssey PVE Valguero 5x XP/6x Harvest/8x Mating,Hatch,Mature. (Soon to be clustered /w Extinction/The Island)


We are a fresh server, about 5 days to be exact looking to build a mature community. Very relaxed server with a cluster, if interested stop by in start a toon do some breeding :)


Server location - Dallas, Texas


No Greifing at all ( one warning )

No blocking resource or dino spawns on either map ( one warning )

Empty beaver dams

1 base per player if moving, you have 24 hours to complete your move

Store all dino's in storage that are not mating to reduce server lag


Maps in Cluster

Valguero - Main


Server MODS Collection
Odyssey Server Mod Collection


Server Discord

Server Direct Connect


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