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ManUp CROSS-MOD | Cherno-Namalsk-Overpoch-Origins


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Arma 2 - CROSS-MOD - Server : Cherno-Namalsk-Overpoch-Origins

The Chernarus winter server was changed to a Cross-Mod Chernarus server.

I removed the winter mod which also made the server show up on the dayz launcher.

This is now a normal Chernarus Map with Origins Vehicles Namalsk Bloods plus the Gauss Rifle Mutant Hearts Virtual Garage and more!

Of course you still have access to all the great weapons and vehicles from Overpoch as well.

There are Banks Tanks Thermals Jets Elite AI and Custom Content.

You even get $5,000,000 and a Starter Base when you join.

As always High Loot = High Risk.

Come check it out when you can!

See you inside ...

ManUp CROSS-MOD | Cherno-Namalsk-Overpoch-Origins | $5-mil | Banks | Kits | V-Garage


Players 3/64

Virtual Garage
Origins Vehicles
Gauss Rifle
Auto Run
Tow & Lift
Safe Zones
Bury Bodies
Take Clothes
Harvest Hemp
Flip Vehicle
Plot For Life
Click Actions
Service Points
Locate Vehicle
Custom Traders
Global Banking
Plot Management
Tanks and APC's
Attack Choppers
Free Spawn Kits
Deploy Anything
KO Melee Combat
Group Management
Scan For Players
Scan For Zombies
Treasure Hunting
Turn On/Off Grass
Snap With Vectors
Custom Trader City
Garage Door Opener
Safe Zone Relocate
Custom Action Wheel
Vehicle Key Changer
Humanity Spawn Kits
Custom Event Crates
Change View Distance
No Spawn Restriction
Custom Debug Monitor
Player Zombie Shields
Sell On Site Missions
remote vehicle options
Humanity spawn vehicles
Community Localizations
humanity spawn classes
Custom Military locations
Custom Cap & Hold Missions
Door Management With Eye Scan
Much more ...


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