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9/23 VelocityGaming.org NoLAG/NoWipe/15T/10Xp/5xG/S+clasfly

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9/23 VelocityGaming.org NoLAG/NoWipe/15T/10Xp/5xG/S+clasfly

WE HAVE OUR OWN WEBSITE (in the title)

We built this Server originally probably for the same reason you are here looking for a new one. 

We wanted a server that:

Had 24/7 uptime

An admin that was mature and wanted fairness and didn't spawn in stuff and raid unfairly

Good ping

Fast rates for people with a real life aka families,jobs

Fair play PvP

Non abusive gameplay

Great active pvp

100% uptime

One year paid for server, you never have to worry about your home dissapearing.. we will be here for a long time. 

A good community

.... and as you can imagine it's a lot to ask for a Ark:Survival Evolved server. We here at VelocityGaming are going to bring that experience alive. Jump in, chat with us on discord and join all the action. 

Thanks for choosing us as your home! Here is your Direct server ip:




RAWR Beacons (levels in F1 info)-- 557147187

Bitou2k's Binocular(better than super spyglass, doubles as gps and compass)  -- 1136125765

Editable Server UI (Press F1 ingame to view detailed server info and rules) -- 924619115

Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator -- 554678442 

Death Helper -- 566885854 

Pet Finder -- 566887000 

Meat Spoiler -- 569786012 

ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection (3x stronger structures when offline, not invincible) 

Charcoal Baker -- 622608522

Bulk Crafters -- 633831197

Reusable Plus -- 693416678

Kibble Table -- 774762563 

Bore Water Kit -- 730794403

Structures Plus -- 731604991

Echos Stacking Storage v2.2.3 -- 

Ultra Stacks -- 761535755

Classic Flyers -- 895711211

Ammo Pools (Fixed!) -- 925789347

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